Saturday, August 28, 2010

Of Lovers, Made For Each Other...

I had written a post Of Lovers not made for each other, that post made people think I am in love ;) here is another version but with a happier conext. Some instances have been inspired which you will figure out, the rest howevr is me..

Here it is...

Six billion people..six billion souls.. and all you just need is one..Yes, I have found my soul mate and you know who it is? Of course you know that who could else be...It is you :)

I don't know why but ever since we have been together, my life has changed. There is this new optimism and a sense of exhilaration that has come up, the two things which I don't have a good relationship with. You have brought a new hope in my life that yes..there is someone there for me..someone who will listen to have brought this new zeal in me to not are like a beacon of light in the stormy sea I am sailing my rudderless ship..At the end of the day, when I see you or hear your voice, it makes me fresh just like the smell of the parched ground when the first monsoon rains come..It is like you are my rainbow bringing the colours in my dull life..

As Ross said to Emily, that when he is with her she brings out a totally different side to him, it is the same with me..I am an altogether new person when I am with you, a persona to me which I knew I ever had, you bring out the best of me..perhaps an idealized version of myself which I always wanted to be but owing to circumstances had to retreat that new 'I' into a shell to protect that side from this dark world..and also you bring out the romantic in me which I never thought I could be one ;)

You know I read somewhere that God intentionally did not make our fingers webbed..because he wanted someone else's fingers to fit into ours when we join hands. Holding hands is God's first sign of people in love. As corny it may sound, but when I hold your hands, it makes me feel connected to your heart..

You remember the song Tum Se Hi from Jab We Met, Aditya sees Geet everywhere he his office, in his work, in the rains, in his dreams.. the same effect you have cast on me. You have become an inseparable part of my existence. You are not there but still you are there. You know when people look at the stars at the night and how they find patterns there like some ship or etc. I see your face in those the patterns those shiny cottony clouds make.. in the sand that has been left ashore by the all powerful sea waves..I see you if you have touched my soul and I was born just to be with you..

According to a Chinese tradition, people gift a ring to their beloved that is worn on the ring finger as its nerve has a straight connection to the heart..Today I found one more reason for that..Join both your hands..Now with all your fingers joined, try to separate your thumbs..they would easily separate out..try this for the next finger they would also..But try separating your ring fingers, it would be very hard to move them away from each other..that is why I am giving you this ring as this would never be separated from you :)

Sometimes I get this urge to mess up your slap you like a give you a big dance in the wear your shirt and sometimes just to keep looking at you. I don't know why but it comes from within..

Yesterday was full moon night and when I was young, someone told me that if you try and focus on the moon, you will see God in the moon. I always tried but somehow I could not. I tried that same thing again and you know what I saw? I saw you.. as if you have become my God..perhaps I was missing you so much that is the reason but from that moment, it is as if I have found out what that eternal entity siting in the heaven looks like.

Someone asked me that who is the one for whom I will be willing to die a thousand deaths just to spend some moments with you. I closed my eyes and saw you. It made me think that I was born just to be with you.

Sometimes, I pinch my self that to make sure that I am not living a dream. It is for the first time that I feel happy and being happy makes me happy instead of being sad makes me happy. You are the exuberance of my life..of my existence.. I just pray that you are there with as long as I am there. I cannot imagine my life without are the purpose of my life.. Miss you always..


  1. this is soo good..
    i jus don hv words yaa..
    awesome.. and straight frm the heart..
    simply wow!

  2. Such a write-up can be written only by a true lover....whoaa I am curious to know who she is :-P

  3. I hope you showed it to the person whom you wrote it for because they're being deprived of something very special if they're unaware of your feelings...


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