Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Terrible week going...please finishhhhhhhh :( stuck in jams, work, time..and moreover, stuck in life...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Suno Aishaaaaaaaaa :)

I saw Aisha yesterday night and I don't know I liked it..I mean it was kind of ok.. it seems I have started to like films which have been panned all over (No don't include that grotesque Hisss which I have no intentions of watching ever even if some one some calls me to its premiere in LA).. Aisha is a typical sweet story inspired from Emma (one of my favorite books since we had it as our supplementary reader in Class 8). I love Jane Austen classics. Mr. Knightley was such a cool character which Abhay Deol essayed in Aisha. But since it is inspired and modified for an Indian audience, the characters weren't that witty. I really liked the girl who played Shefali. I love Sonam Kapoor, no matter what others think of her. I loved her in Saawariya and I hate Luv Storys and now in Aisha..that girl has style and kick ass attitude..and importantly she acts well..

Anyway, talkng of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice is another must read classic. What I love about her books that her heroines are not typical miss goody two shoes, but very real..very selfish..very self centered..very independent.. Emma Woodhouse, Elizabeth Bennet, Marianne Dashwood..
Back to Aisha, I liked 2 dialogues..
1. Aisha: Muje laga tha jab mujhe pyaar hoga, to meri sari duniya badal jayegi. Chitra Massi : Pyaar koi toofan nahi hai jo aye aur zindagi badal de..pyaar to zindagi ke chote chote lamhon me hai.
2. Pinki: Hum kisi fairytale me nahi Delhi me rehte hai.. yahan hum rainbow nahi traffic ka dhuan hai..agar is me ek sitara bhi dikh jaye vahi bahut hai.. Hmmm
Meanwhile, I am addicted to the song Udi from Guzaarish..What awesome lyrics, na?

Friday, October 22, 2010

A year in which...

On 19 October 2010, I completed one year in my first had been a bit of a roller coaster ride with ups and downs..

A year in which I joined the so called nasty world of corporate life, leaving college behind..
A year in which I was actually paid for my work (still can't believe that though??!!)
A year in which I lost a little of my innocence..
A year in which I travelled outside Delhi after 5 years..
A year in which I travelled in an airplane for the first time ever..
A year in which I saw the beach and sea waves for the first time ever..
A year in which I walked the deserted streets in a mountain at 12 in the night...
A year in which I swam in an 80-feet deep lake relying only a life jacket..
A year in which I worked on a 6 month long project to a 6 minute project..
A year in which I got screamed at for not putting italicised inverted commas..
A year in which my oft repeated phrase has been "witnessed a growth of X%, primarily due to"..
A year in which I saw countless pictures of baby nipple bottles on countless websites..
A year in which I had some great gossip sessions..
A year in which I dressed up as a Hippie (with Dabangg sunglasses) for the office costume party..
A year in which I made and lost some great friends..
A year in which I sang a medley of songs with my fellow cabbies DJ in my croaked voice..
A year in which I literally fought a battle to reach office..
A year in which I actually prayed for no rain, in spite of my eternal love for it :(
A year in which I saw Yamuna flowing over the danger mark..
A year in which I got a certificate for being a quarter finalist in a pictionary game..
A year in which I got my first (maybe last) promotion ever :(
A year in which I came back so happy after a good day (read: no work)..
A year in which I came and cried nights after some really horrible days (and people) at work..
A year in which I realized how good case studies clinical psychologists can do on some characters in office.
A year in which I cut my first birthday cake ever..
A year in which I danced on Khawaja Mere Khawaja in front of the entire office (Thanks Karan!!)
A year in which I lost the sense of time..counting days instead of dates..
A year in which I started loving Fridays more than ever..
A year in which I started getting goosebumps from Sunday evenings..
A year in which I also realized how far behind have I been left..
A year in which I hurt so many people :(
A year in which I felt how terribly lonely people are..especially cab drivers..
A year in which I was humming Bepanah Pyar hai aaja (cab bhaiya's ear splitting ring tone!!)
A year in which I finally accepted that mediocrity is my second name :(
A year in which I questioned my self and my existence ( still do that )
A year in which I was taught so many lessons by life..
If only, I could teach life a lesson one day.....

My past year has to be defined only by my office.. Naturally like for others, it seems there is nothing else in my life..I don't know what is in store for future..I wonder if I'll be able to survive till my next year..Life has become very difficult..Anyway, I will try to be happy as always.. And I will be giving a a fashion makeover to my blog very soon..Ciaos!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love Salman Rushdie. Period!

I just love Sir Salman Rushdie. He is a brilliant writer and am in total awe of him ever since I have read Midnight's Children. I have started reading his next Luka and the Fire of Life and the following passage is an excerpt form the first chapter, just love his imagination!! His writing gives me a high!! I still remember his description of Qara Koz in The Enchantress of Florence...what a piece of writing it is!!!! And Saleem Sinai of my favourite book ever Midnight's Children..what magic that book is...Sigh..he is never going to get a Nobel :(

Here is my collection of Rushdie...not showing off!!! just want to show my latest addition to it..Ahem Ahem!!

It's a pity that people don't read much of him out of hatred for him writing The Satanic Verses (which I desperately want to read, not the ebook but hardcover, but sadly banned in India)

The only thing that I look forward to these days is his writing :'(

Just read this passage!!

When Luka was only a few years old, his father's hands acquired lives and even minds of their own. They had names too; there was Nobody (the right hand) and Nonsense (the left), and they were mostly obedient and did what Rashid wanted them to, such as waving about in the air when he wanted to make a point (because he liked to talk a lot), or putting food in his mouth at regular intervals (because he liked to eat a lot). They were even willing to wash the part of Rashid he call bee tee em, which was extremely obliging of them. But, as Luka quickly discovered, they also had a ticklish will of their own, especially when he was within their reach. Sometimes when the right hand started tickling and he begged "Stop, please stop", his father replied, "It's not me. In fact, Nobody's tickling you", and when his left hand joined in and Luka, crying with laughter protested, "You are , you are tickling me", his father replied, "You know what? That's just Nonsense"

You are truly next to God as Prateik says.. Will keep looking forward to you always..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finding someone you can't live without...

So many things happening together..I can't think... Wednesday :
Still not feeling well :(
Please help me God!! I don't want to remain stuck forever..Will I be able to break this cycle?
Saw Anjaana Anjaani finally..liked it..not great though..just about ok!!
So quote of the day is from it comes before the clock outside the church..
Love is not finding someone to live with, it's finding someone you can't live without