Monday, December 24, 2007

India's Hypocrisy

The last week again we witnessed another controversy about the racial prejudices against the Indians when the OEH refused to tie up with the TAJ Group as according to them it would 'erode their brand value'.No doubt it is clearly an attack on the rising stature of Indians in the business world and the TATAs should demand an apology.But Indians themsleves are a highly racist people. I think we make a lot of noise when something like this happens but we ignore the same thing happening in our own backyard.Consider the Dr.Mohammed Haneef case who was held as a terror suspect in Australia after the Glasgow bombings. There was such a brouhaha that an innocent man has been kept in custody and the whole of India watched the pictures of Haneef being kept in solitary confinement in shock and horror.After the Hyderabad bombings, the police routinely kept hundreds of innocent Muslims in custody and assaulted them.Why does no body speak out for them?Consider another case.Whenever we see a person from the north east we call them Chinkis.I think calling them this is most derogotary and a racial remark. Whenever we see a black, people start making fun of them calling them 'Hapshis' and make noises when they pass by.Are we in a situation to protest then that Shilpa Shetty was called a Paki in a show where she was given crores to participate? Aren't we then hypocrites? All kashmiris in India are beleived to be terrorists. The landlords won't take them as tenants.Look at our own houses. The maids and servants who come to our houses, they sit on the floor and we have separate cups for them to drink tea. The huge fairness cream market in India is probably the biggest in the whole of Asia.Being of a dark complexion is called being ugly. The recent tour of Australia in India where racial remarks were being made against Andrew Symonds by Indians in the stands and we all said in denial that it was not racism which clearly was.If now the same thing happens to Indians there the whole nation will raise a voice over it.The whole society raises voices against caste based reservations but no body stands against management quota reserved for the affluent.We are living in a country where the rich can easily buy justice.The examples of Indian hypocrisy are endless. So rather than making noises about racism lets first look at ourselves and then point fingers to others.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


It's ages since I wrote my last post...considering how busy I am :D:D..actually there were so many ideas to write upon but I could not decide i am writing about my best tv show whose even 10000th rerun does not bore me..yeah its F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Rachel,Monica,Phoebe,Joey,Ross and Chandler have made us all laugh and cry for ten seasons.
Friends made us all realise the importance of having good friends in our life.It made me realize that there could be somebody with whom you can share your each and every moment of life and that being in your twenties is the prime of life:).Even i wished that I could hae friends like these in my life:(When I started watching it, I thought such people could not exist in reality but later when I saw some close friendship around me I realized that these were the people who could be anyone of us.In Friends,the jokes and one liners were too funny and each and every character was very well etched out.What also clicked was none of the people were very famous people when it started.It inspired a whole new lifestyle. The famous "CENTRAL PERK" coffee house was a new concept in itself.The appartment culture gave a very cosy feeling.The new range of fashion such as Rachel's hair cut was a rage.It was amazing that how people from dfferent walks of life could still be friends. A palaentologist, a masseusse, an actor, a chef, a fashion stylist and transponster:D:D( even I forgot what Chandler does) bound by friendship. I like all the characters but my favourite is Phoebe Buffay.I just love her weirdness and her lifestyle.And her music is amazing.Who doesn't like ''Smelly Cat''.And I have many favourite episodes but the one where Rachel and Monica lose their apartment to Joey and Chandler is awesome and the one where they all play football is no less.
I just wish it could continue forever:(
I'll be there for you
when the rain stats to pour
I'll be there for you
because you were there for me too!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

India Shining?

These days there is so much being said about the enormous growth that the Indian economy is attaining.The Sensex just touched an all time high of 14,600 and already market speculations are there when it will reach 15,000 but does this so called 'high growth' really indicates India's true story? Is India 'shining'(the so called campaign launched by the NDA govt on the taxpayer's money)? I don't think so that everyone is reaping the benfits of this process.

Much of our India is still suffering. Just a few days back I was watching this report on TV that a town in Jharkhand had electricity cut off for a full 15 days by the Naxalites and people were living in darkness and there was no media reportage as these days TV channels are busy airing idiotic news, such as Khooni Kaun.Can we people imagine living our life in Delhi without electricity for 15 days? Compare with it the media coverage of the Ash-Abhishek wedding!

Farmer suicides in Vidarbha continue unabated. The Army continues to abuse Armed Forces Special Powers Act in Manipur and Jammu and Kashmir.There are clashes between two castes to proclaim who is more backward among them so as to reap benefits of reservation putting entire north India to standstill. It rains for a few hours and our 'Shanghai' is submerged. Five HIV+ students are thrown out of their schools in the most literate state in the country. The naxalites continue to kill tribals. People continue to starve in Orissa and West Bengal while in the state-owned 'godowns' the wheat is rotting.The government launches a complaint with the UK goverment on Shilpa Shetty being racially abused in Bigg Brother but no body is complaining of their own abuse towards the North East (where we still call them chinkis).

Rather being ecstatic about this "CHINDIA" factor overpowering our thoughts, it is highly desirable that a model of inclusive growth be worked upon.The only problem in India is not planning but implementation of these plans. Let's hope for a developed India by 2025.