Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye and Goodluck..

Hmmm long time..Nothing much has happened, so nothing much to write.. Every thing has become very excitement for anything.. just office office office and nothing else.. And I have become sick and tired of travelling and getting stuck in traffic.. I used to commute 3 hours a day when I was in college..and now also I takes me 3 hours daily even though distance is less than my college (and at least I could come early in college)..this CWG mess and the perennially jammed Kalindi Kunj..Now I have to reach office at sit in can at 6.50 AM :( But what can I do?

Also, had a costume party in office..earlier I wasn't planning to..then decided to go dressed normally but just a day before the party decided to dress up as Hippie.. I wanted to be a retro hero like Akshay Kumar looks like in Action Replay or Veeru of Sholay but just an hour before the party is not the time to hunt for dresses..but it was kind of cool, the party I some compliments on the look not necessarily good though ;) thanks to Y and J..the party was kind of good..some hilarious personal favourites were Lady Gaga (awesome wig), Hip Hopper, Ram, Gabbar, Thakur and Rocket Singh..Here is a look of mine with S's Dabanng glasses..

I know I doesn't go with my image..though I was feeling a bit out of place which I always feel in parties :( In fact, there are very few places where I don't feel out of place.. I have kind of become a social, a friend of mine pinged me... I wasn't in a mood to talk..So I made an excuse that it is my sister who is using my account and I forgot to sign out..very bad of me :( but I will write a long mail to my friend.. I love writing mails to friends..I miss writing letters too but sadly there is no one to whom I can write letters..
And it's almost 2 months that I haven't watched a movie (except Dabbanng, which I watched half heartedly) Anjaana Anjaani is the one I am currently waiting for (obsessed with its trailers as evident form the previous posts)..was supposed to release last Friday but Babri verdict put it off.. was planning to take a chuuti on that day to watch that movie but alas!! I hope it is good..looks good from the trailers and the music (Tujhe bhula diya is an awesome song)..will write another post on its theme..What do you want to do before you die? very thought provoking question..
It is exactly one year to Wake Up of my fav movie released last year at this very time.. I have said this before also and repeat.. Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra (no matter how many surgeries she has undergone) are such 'beautiful' people..drop dead gorgeous..every time I see them together I am in complete awe of their beauty.. another person who makes me think like this is Scarlett Johannson..very very pretty..there are many others (both men and women!!) who can just capture you by just their beauty..
Hmm..and I am currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo..totally kick ass book..the film is making waves all over..
On the personal front, things not going very well but I have learnt to accept some things that some things (and some people too!!) in life are just not made for some people..
I want to do so many things in life but I never take the first step I will try to...OK enough for now... more later.. instead of dialogue today I will put a quote

Goodbye without reasons is the most painful one..Love without reason is the most beautiful one..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I do give a damn...

Mere saath na kuch bhi theek nahi ho raha hai :(
For the last 2 weeks, I am feeling helpless..and alone...
Some people say to have everything..what else do you require in life?
It is very hard to explain to them because they won't understand..everybody tries to look at the surface from their own one is able to quite understand what the other person could be actually going through..I am not blaming is a simple fact of life..
And my mom has stopped talking to me and the reason she gave to me made me angry and sad..sob :'(
I hate myself.. That is why I don't deserve anything in life..
I wish I could be like Rhett Butler: Frankly honey, I don't give a damn..
I can't be like him..anyways..
Three weeks I haven't watched any movie..not even at home.. I am also not reading any book..I am missing the old me who used to read so much :(
I hate change if it doesn't make me feel good.....
I will still try to be positive *hopefully*