Saturday, August 28, 2010

Of Lovers, Made For Each Other...

I had written a post Of Lovers not made for each other, that post made people think I am in love ;) here is another version but with a happier conext. Some instances have been inspired which you will figure out, the rest howevr is me..

Here it is...

Six billion people..six billion souls.. and all you just need is one..Yes, I have found my soul mate and you know who it is? Of course you know that who could else be...It is you :)

I don't know why but ever since we have been together, my life has changed. There is this new optimism and a sense of exhilaration that has come up, the two things which I don't have a good relationship with. You have brought a new hope in my life that yes..there is someone there for me..someone who will listen to have brought this new zeal in me to not are like a beacon of light in the stormy sea I am sailing my rudderless ship..At the end of the day, when I see you or hear your voice, it makes me fresh just like the smell of the parched ground when the first monsoon rains come..It is like you are my rainbow bringing the colours in my dull life..

As Ross said to Emily, that when he is with her she brings out a totally different side to him, it is the same with me..I am an altogether new person when I am with you, a persona to me which I knew I ever had, you bring out the best of me..perhaps an idealized version of myself which I always wanted to be but owing to circumstances had to retreat that new 'I' into a shell to protect that side from this dark world..and also you bring out the romantic in me which I never thought I could be one ;)

You know I read somewhere that God intentionally did not make our fingers webbed..because he wanted someone else's fingers to fit into ours when we join hands. Holding hands is God's first sign of people in love. As corny it may sound, but when I hold your hands, it makes me feel connected to your heart..

You remember the song Tum Se Hi from Jab We Met, Aditya sees Geet everywhere he his office, in his work, in the rains, in his dreams.. the same effect you have cast on me. You have become an inseparable part of my existence. You are not there but still you are there. You know when people look at the stars at the night and how they find patterns there like some ship or etc. I see your face in those the patterns those shiny cottony clouds make.. in the sand that has been left ashore by the all powerful sea waves..I see you if you have touched my soul and I was born just to be with you..

According to a Chinese tradition, people gift a ring to their beloved that is worn on the ring finger as its nerve has a straight connection to the heart..Today I found one more reason for that..Join both your hands..Now with all your fingers joined, try to separate your thumbs..they would easily separate out..try this for the next finger they would also..But try separating your ring fingers, it would be very hard to move them away from each other..that is why I am giving you this ring as this would never be separated from you :)

Sometimes I get this urge to mess up your slap you like a give you a big dance in the wear your shirt and sometimes just to keep looking at you. I don't know why but it comes from within..

Yesterday was full moon night and when I was young, someone told me that if you try and focus on the moon, you will see God in the moon. I always tried but somehow I could not. I tried that same thing again and you know what I saw? I saw you.. as if you have become my God..perhaps I was missing you so much that is the reason but from that moment, it is as if I have found out what that eternal entity siting in the heaven looks like.

Someone asked me that who is the one for whom I will be willing to die a thousand deaths just to spend some moments with you. I closed my eyes and saw you. It made me think that I was born just to be with you.

Sometimes, I pinch my self that to make sure that I am not living a dream. It is for the first time that I feel happy and being happy makes me happy instead of being sad makes me happy. You are the exuberance of my life..of my existence.. I just pray that you are there with as long as I am there. I cannot imagine my life without are the purpose of my life.. Miss you always..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Six billion people in this world..Six billion souls.. and all you need is One..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Of A******s

I am no sadist but I just feel like slapping one person real real hard..bloody asshole.. who does this weirdo think he is?
Today was a real real bad day..not because of work..but because of some bloody homo sapiens..but what did I do then? Just came back from the scene and kept cursing myself :(
Anyway why spoil my mood because of a bloody fool..
I will be happy.. One person just made my day..felt real nice after talking to you..thanks a ton R :)
Song of the day: Dil hai chota sa..choti si aasha..
Dlaiogue of the day: Main ek aisa khel khel raha hai hun jisme dono taraf se haar meri hi hai......#Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam 8-)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Of Jaane Bhi Do, Peepli [Live] and Class 11 Essay...

I remember watching Jaane bhi do yaaron for the first time ever on 26 January 2010 i.e. Republic Day. I had heard it to be the funniest Hindi film ever, instead I found it be one of the saddest films ever (of course, not in a ridiculing sort of way!). There was this uneasy hopelessness and a feeling of tragedy associated with a black comedy, it was meant to be this way but it made me real sad..And see the co-incidence of fate, here I am watching Peepli [Live] on a day before 15 August i.e. Independence Day..

Peepli [Live] is one of the finest films that I have seen in a long long time and must say I had the privilege of watching a film second day first show ;) that would go down as a classic in the years to follow. Another black comedy in the same league as Jaane bhi do.. the satirical film would leave you in splits. Behind the veneer of humour, the movie is full of pathos and has a utter melancholy and dystopian side attached to it.

By now, many of you who haven't see the film (Stop reading this crap and watch it now), the film is about a debt ridden farmer who is tricked by his brother who convinces him to commit suicide as his death would give them monetary compensation to survive. A local reporter overhears this and contacts a national TV channel for this 'Exclusive' story. And here it starts, the India TV syndrome to grab the most eyeballs leads to all channels covering this story leading to a mela at Natha's house. Since Peepli by-elections are also taking place, the politicians enter the fray as they say 'rajneeti ki rotiyaan sekna'. The beauty of the film lies that without preaching so much it tries to portray so many issues - the paid news, the media wars, the caste politics, the corruption, the useful (or useless) schemes, rural migration, American lobbying, the life in rural India, the sensationalism in the media, and so many more..

In one scene, Naths's brother Budhia says something like this "agar marega to kitni izzat hogi" and Natha replies "agar zinda hi nahi rahenge to izzat ka kya karenge." In another dialogue (the strength of the film), a politician says "aaj kal zindagi to bell bottom ho gayi hai, aur khudh khushi to jeans se nikalta hua pet." The obsession to grab TRPs is so fierce that Natha is followed even when he goes to defecate "18vi baar ja raha hai lagta hai julaab ho gaya hai" or that scene where Deepak psychoanalyses Nath'a multi colored turd "Manovigyaniko ke mutabik manushya ke mal se uski mansik stithi ka pata lagaya ja sakta hai aur yeh raha Natha ka aakhri aasan"

My favourite subplot of the film was with Rakesh and the poor farmer Mahto. Rakesh watching the eight-pack ab ribs showing farmer digging and he remarks "C******, kaun sa khajana khod raha hai", later realising that Mahto used to sell that mud to a brick kiln to survive and one day Mahto dies while digging, as if in a way all this time he was digging his own grave.. This scene brought a lump in my throat.. In another hard hitting scene, Rakesh goes and tells Nandita ( a Brakha Dutt look alike) that does only Natha matter? Don't the lives of other nameless farmers who are living in horrifying conditions matter to us? and she pragmatically replies "This is journalism, if you can't survive it then don't be in it" This scene summed up what we are witnessing in our society today...

Apart from the media, the politician class isn't spared either.. the red tape has become so entrenched in our bureaucracy that even Kafka would be surprised. Rajeev Gandhi famously remarked that only 15 paise reach the poor of every one rupee spent on them. It's not that we do not have the resources but everyone wants to have a pie of the resources. Like the election symbol of the Jan Samman Party (look at the irony, samman???) was a lock and a key, but the problem is who will put the key in the lock? Lal Bahadur to de diya lekin use lagvayega kaun? TV to de diya lekin bijli kaun dega ghar me?? Natha card to start kar diya lekin lagoo state governments karengi (the same is happening with Right to Education).. Mare hue kisano ke liye yojana hai lekin zinda kisano ke liye nahi.. marne ke ichhuk kisano ke liye ek yojana start kar do.. How ridiculous is that?

But perhaps, my best scene was when Natha's goat playfully nudges him while he tries to sleep and he tries to shoo them away, but ultimately gives in to them and he starts playing with them.. Amazing scene..vulnerable, innocent, dreamy Natha..

Take a bow Anusha Rizvi (and please can we have less of publicity hungry Aamir Khan) it is her script and the script and the direction truly belong to her. A special mention for all characters epecially beedi phuking kickass Amma and her fiesty kulta Bahu, Budhia, Deepak, Rakesh, and Nandita..Mahangayi dayan and desh mera rangras hai babu deserve special mention too..

Talking of media, I remember in Class 11, in English exam, we had to write on "In India, the media is glamour struck". Since it was pre-India TV days, everybody had gone on and on about how media is obsessed with Bollywood ( I know Siddharth would hate me even more for using this term) and then our ma'am said it is not only about Bollywood, the glamour in the sense means that the media has made an issue as tragic and scary as the Iraq war in to some sort of a fantasy. And how things have changed, if we are told to write on this topic today, books could be written. I am not crtiticising the media but the needless romanticisation that it has become famous for. The 26/11 attacks, the Sania Shoaib marriage, the Prince in a hole, the Arushi murder case, the Gudiya-what will-she-do-now case (remember her, the lady who was raped by her father in law) and so many more issues that media has gone overboard.. Peepli [Live] showcase this brilliantly..The Saif 12vi-umar-ka-chumbhan!!

I have gone a bit hyperbole (an understatement) but Peepli made me think a lot. I wanted to write about left and right wing economic policies as well but I guess I will keep them for another post.

Long time, I had written about a movie. Peepli [Live] is worth watching again and again..

P.S. Since I have written so much of Peepli, dialogue of the day is from the trailer of Anjaana Anjaani

Kiara: Maine tumhe bahut jaane lagi hun..tum anjaane hi acche the Aakash...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Of Rainbows, Anjaana Anjaani and baanta hua pyar...

I love the trailer of Anjaana Anjaani..

Forget Worries
Forget Pain
Forget Sorrow
Forget Expectations
Forget Guilt
Forget Pressures
Forget Anxiety
Forget Disappointment

Sigh! if only, it was that simple in real life..perhaps that is why I love movies so much..It helps me escape from the realities I dither to accept..

Anyway..there is this scene in its trailer, when Ranbir opens his mouth and lights in the form on rainbow switch on and reach Priyanka standing on the other if the rainbow is staring from his mouth..Just amazing scene that..I keep on watching that trailer again and again just because of that spell binding scene..
I like Priyanka's name Kiara too..what a couple they make!! Both drop dead gorgeous..mirror cracking material as orkut used to say when it gave shady options to define your looks on your profile..

Talking of rainbows, I have been fascinated by them since I came to know about dispersion in Class 8 I guess..isn't it just thrilling that a white light can split into seven colours forming this resplendent pattern??? Nature always surprises you!! And while sitting on the flight from Goa to Mumbai, I saw this rainbow from the window seat and just kept looking at if it was following me..What a sight it was!! Maybe that is why I am in awe of the trailer from Anjaana Anjaani..

Long time since I wrote a dialogue or song of the day..
Malhotra: Shayd Rahul ki jagah aur koi hota tab bhi mujhe itna hi bura lagta..
Tina: Papa??
Malhotra: Tumhara pyar bat jayega na..

Song of the day: Tanha Tanha yahan pe jeena yeh koi baat hai..[special mention of the flute played in the song and Urmila's signature dance step :)]

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Of Chambal ke Daku and Courageous Gudia

Amazing!! Brilliant!! Courageous!! Daring!! Exceptional!! Ferocious!! Gutsy!!
I can complete the alphabetic list for this lady who had the guts to go to Chambal to get her husband back from the notorious dacoits. The dacoit sardar got so impressed that he called her sister and gave her Rs. 5,100 in cash. Now that is called brave..Would any woman, in fact anyone go to a place where there is no woman in a 50 km requires great courage and belief in yourself to do this..I simply salute that lady..After a really really long time, I saw something that gave me goosebumps..very very inspiring!! Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear..So fitting to this lady Ms. Gudia. Read the whole story here
On second thoughts, what a film this would make!! The beautiful Mahie Gill or Tabu would be perfect..
P.S.- I just saw a barsaati keeda fly in to my room and decided to scream for help :

Monday, August 9, 2010

Photo of the year...

I was so happppppppy to meet Rajdeep Sardesai at Delhi first flight ever :) He was in our plane..late I saw his wife Sagarika Ghose was also there with him..else I would have taken a photo with her too :))
He is like my idol..I always wanted to be a brilliant journalist like him (there are others on the list too..)
Anyway what he said I will write later..
Back from Goa..I am in love with the sea waves..Can sit there all day..
P.S. - I am a horrible horrible person..I always land up in trouble or put others in to it..perhaps that is why God also does not support me :(

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Of Rachel, Ross and One Sided Love...

This is one of my favourite episodes when Rachel comes and watches Ross kissing Emily she realizes that nothing will happen even if she tells Ross that she loves him so much :(

I love Rachel's emotions in this episode..the way she said "I just came to say Congratulations" and she keeps on crying :(

The thing about Love is..Love is when you shed a tear and still want that person, it is when that person ignores you and you still love them unconditionally, it is when that person loves someone else but you still smile and say I am happy for you , when all you really do is cry...

You will know that you love someone when you want him/her to be happy even if it means that you are not a part of their happiness..


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Friendship Day

01 August 2010
Happy Friendship Day
Chandler and Joey
Rachel and Monica
Phoebe and Joey
Christina and Meredith
Mark and Callie
Aakash, Sidharth and Sameer
Aditya and Geet
Zeenat and Meera
Rahul and Anjali
I missed you so much today :(