Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Spirit of Kashmiriyat

Aren't you distressed by the state of affairs that is happening to Jammu and Kashmir? I for that matter am too depressed. Whenever I watch the news, I just keep hoping that no report of violence from comes from J&K. But alas! for the last month or so, everyday there is something about the land dispute that has cropped up which has divided the whole state of Jammu AND Kashmir to Jammu OR Kashmir. The controversy started when a PDP minister granted 100 acres of barren land to Shri Amarnath Board. This triggered huge protests in the Kashmir valley, which is Muslim dominated, on the speculation that it is a conspiracy of the government to destroy the secular fabric by allowing Hindus to settle in the valley. How ridiculous is that? 100 acres of land of no use was given just to make houses for the pilgrims who visit Amarnath every year. Is it wrong to do that? No! but the coward separatists like Hurriyat who are too scared to fight elections fanned these protests and the whole valley was on the boil. The PDP which was till now part of the government withdrew its support alleging CM Gulam Nabi Azad to be responsible, ironically when it was PDP'S OWN MINISTER who did that. Such hypocrites! The land order was revoked but this led to huge protests in Jammu, which is Hindu dominated by the Hindu parties. Such an opportune time for the parties like the BJP and demagogues like Praveen Togadia to consolidate their vote bank! Now Hindus want the land to be given back. What do we do now? We have entered a vicious cycle. Giving land would anger Kashmir and not giving would scorn Jammu. The best solution has been given by Farooq Abdullah. Reconstitue the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board by representatives from all communites and status quo be maintained. The establishment of law and order is top priority of the government. It is ironical when the state was witnessing its most peaceful summer something so not required happened. The communal polarisation of the state is scary.The state has always lived in harmony whatever came.It was a Muslim only who had discovered the Amarnath shrine.The spirit of Kashmiriyat seems to fade away.The only loser in this are the people of the state.The people of J&K have had enough.Let Kashmiriyat prevail. Let them live in peace for a while!