Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Of Totems..

What should be my totem? My real life itself is a totem...I don't need a totem..
Hmmm.. Inception.. awe inspiring.. What did I watch?? I can watch it again!! reminded me of No Smoking..another brilliant film..Hmm
Song of the day : Inception inspired.. kaisi hai yeh ruth jisme phool banke dil khile..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Aadha sa vaada kabhi aadhe se zyada kabhi..

My life sucks bigtime..I dont even want to write about it..This week was so bloody shit..Period!
Dialogue of the day:
Aditya: Geet pata hai, tumne mujha kitna hurt kiya hai...
Main tera sarmaya hun..jo bhi main ban paya hun..tum se hi ..tum se hi..raaste mil jate hai..manzile mil jaati hain...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Of Bailey...

Meredith: Lexie always has inappropriate feelings for inappropriate people

Pankaj: Who doesn't?

After George died (still in cry mood), I want to be like you Miranda..you are my idol :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peter Keating :(

I don't want to end up like Peter Keating :(
Will I?
I respect you so much Howard Roark..:(

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The voice in my head...

As I wake up in the morning..
the voice in my head gives me a warning..
how long will you on cribbing..
Till you finally find what do you want to do for a living...

The voice is my head is my all weather companion..
It makes me laugh till the point of exhaustion..
and makes me cry on my life as if I am peeling an onion..

As I try to decipher the enigma of Mona Lisa's smile..
the voice in my head says painter or artist for a while..
As I admire the resplendent moves of a a contemporary hip hopper..
the voice in my head echoes 'I too am a disco dancer'..
As I take an ambulatory stroll..
the voice in my head gives me another phone call..
See those pigeons flying in full vigour..
Just get your camera to capture them in full splendour..
As I shed copious tears while watching Up in the Air..
the old monster in my head screams hmm..the director's chair...

Confused, ambitious, perplexed, helpless, frustrated, hope hopen it makes me..
As I see an author, philosopher, or a tarot card reader...
if only the voice in my head could wake up the voice in my heart from its deep slumber..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Of Solving the Equation of Life..

If X+Y+Z=0, then X^3 + Y^3 + Z^3 = 3(XYZ).. can we substitute our life into these formulae?

Then Schrodinger's wave equation would have tough competition to be called as the one of the complex equations in Physics as Life's Perpetual Complexity Equation would give it a run for its money..Life's Perpetual Complexity equation has this special qualtiy that the number of variables in the equation is also variable depending upon each individaul, such as date, time, period, people around you, mangal, budh, shani, shukra, rahu, ketu, and the list goes on..

One day I will get the Nobel Prize for solving the Life's Perpetual Complexity Equation.. Then I will laugh at Einstein who got Nobel for Photoelectric effect!!!! rather than the theory of relativity..heehaw! I must start preparing my speech for it as Phoebe and Rachel do..Phoebe says "Oh!! It's just so unexpected..I uh..oh boy, I tell you it is just such an honour to be nominated for a Nobel Prize and you know to win for a massage"

I love you Phoebe!

Thanks to Aastha for being the inspiration behind this post!

Noor-e-khuda, tu kahan chupa hai hume yeh bata..yun na humse nazre chura....

Dialogues of the day:
1. Abey luti hui Sultanat ke pite hue sultan
2. Wha re lallu, kya sochi door ki, shakal hai langoor ki, lekin chaht kisi hoor ki

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I complete myself...

This is what Javed Akhtar tweeted today..

Maine yeh keh kar dil ko samjhaya hai...vo jo chala gaya vo mera tha hi nahin....

Vo bewafa hua to iska gham nahi..hum be yakeen ho gaye haan iska gham to hai..

So true these lines are :'(

It's only words and words are all I have to take you heart away...

Notting Hill: I am just a girl, standing in front of boy, asking him to love her..

The day I died was the best day of my life...

Jerry Maguire: You complete me...


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thanks Angela!

Today Angela sent a friend request on Facebook..Curious that I was, I asked her who she was because I don't know her..Turns out she read my "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" post..It is amazing how people can connect just by words...Hey thanks a lot Angela...It really made my day..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Of Impromptu Photography

My mobile phone camera sucks but still I love it..it is the only thing that comes to rescue when I have to click a picture immediately..

Jao pehle us aadmi ka sign le kar aao jisne mere haath par yeh likh diya tha...

The view from the office's 6th floor balcony on the day it was raining..it seemed I could catch the clouds..

Hitesh's heart shaped lunch box ;D jahan dekho apna dil baanta rehta hai...dil to lunch box hai ji..

Talking of shapes, I got this beautiful bottle..kya figure hai.. Men would appreciate more..36-24-28..

As they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, a bottle can be as beautiful :)

This one I clicked when Disha was putting make up while looking in the rear view mirror.. Party me jaa rahi thi to gaadi me hi make up shake up start ho gaya..

This one is the standing truck!!!!! while going to office, it became some sort of a tourist attraction...Hope the driver is fine..

Bhaisahab Dhoni ki shaadi thi...to uski shaadi to hum bhi manayenge...kaaala sha kaala.. dulhan ke dewar yun tum dikhlayo na yun tewar..

I know the last one should get the Razzie for worst pic ever ;D I got this clicked at Shopper's Stop while window shopping..

Anyway I have got a digicam..so will put more pics..yipeee

Dialogue of the week: Chal Dhano, teri Basanti ki izzat ka sawaal hai..
Song of the week: Aishaaaaaaaa

Friday, July 9, 2010


Sometimes life questions you at every step....I mean just opening a new tab...What do you want to do next? I don't know :(
Can't wait for Udaan..I hope I learn something from it..
Why was I left behind...really really really behind...
Anyway... mere pass gaadi hai bangla hai bank balance hai..tumhare paas kya hai...
mere paas kuch bhi nahi hai :'(

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Of Random Chemistry...

Am I that bad :(
2 days.. 2 incidents.. 2 people..
Never mind..
The bond lengths of both double and single bonds in benzene is same, signifying that the position of bonds is not fixed but that the electrons are rotating in the plane of the ring leading to resonance..
When will I be resonating..seems that the electrons in my nucleus have found a better electrophile wanting to break both my double and single bonds...my ortho and para and even meta position is electron repelling..Friedal Crafts' electrophilic substitution of benzene ring..
Never mind...
Some things are just not made for you :( and those that are you don't want them..
Never mind...
Am I really that bad :(
Never mind...
The five stages of grief..anger, denial, bargaining, depression...and acceptance...
Never mind..
Phoebe: Jingle bitch screwed me over..go to hell Jingle whore..go to hell..go to hell..go to hell hell hell...
Never mind..
Kaun hai vo jiske saath ek pal bitane me tumhe 1000 maut kabool hai - Dil Chahta Hai...
Mera dil to sach much bahut kuch chahta hai but...
The hybridisation state of ethyne is sp..planar....
What is the hybridisation state of Pankaj? It's complicated..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sadka kiya yun ishq ka..ke sar jhuka jahan..deedar hua....

Jay: Kabhi kabhi khush rehne ke liye khul kar jeena padta hai...you need to break free and loose control..

Hmmm..will I ever be able to break free :(

Will I ever get my own love story :(

I loved the scene when Simran goes and dances in the rain..and another scene where she gets drunk when J say my wife is pregnant..

It is a bit embarrassing but I totally loved Simran's character when she falls in love with J and when Jay says pyar vyar kuch nahi hota and she says nahi! aisa mere saath hua hai..and she apologises for faling in love with him...:(

Loved the songs especially Sadka kiya.. and Bahara Baharaa..

Kuch khwaab dekhe hain..kuch rang soche hain....

Ab maine kal apne tere sang soche hain...

Is raah me jab bhi tu saath hoti hai,

Kisson ke panno ki har baat hoti hai

Roor mein jo hui fida..toh pal me uthi koyi sada..

Ke dil se hua judaa judaa..toota main iss tarah..

Sadka kiya yun ishq ka..ke sar jhuka jahan..deedar hua....