Monday, August 31, 2009

A thing of beauty is a joy forever...

In my house, there are a few peacock feathers. Papa got them from the park where he found them lying them on the ground (neither by murdering a peacock nor by buying them from an animal parts smuggler!). It is almost a year since we have them but I have never looked at them properly. Today, just accidentally I saw them lying on the floor and they drew my attention. I was awed by the absolute symmetry and the melange of colours it has. Its resplendence is so inspiring that it is no wonder that Krishna had one of these in his 'mukut'. The different shades of blue and green forming a pattern is the perfect example of nature's exhilarating beauty. And even a peacock feather has a certain significance. A single feather is made of sort of hair like strands collectively forming it. If we look at a single strand, it looks quite ordinary, the colours are hardly visible. But only when we look at collection of these strands forming a complete feather, then only each and every feature of it is completely visible perhaps in a way signifying that strength lies in unity and only in unity we can see the diversity of creation. A single strand has no significance of its existence.Nature gives us so many lessons from the most innocuous of things. I so wish to see a peacock dancing in the rain with its full grandeur. What a stunning sight it would be :)

P.S. - I just realized that it is my 100th post. Cheers for a pathetic blog!


  1. Krishna -n peacock feather is aptly connected,u have a good blog,its not at all pathetic. Many a times I wait for your movie reviews.

  2. i love ittt...!!

    this is one of ur best postss...!!!
    i love ur bloggg..!!

    congrats for thr first 100.. yay!!


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