Saturday, December 31, 2011

Of Last Post of 2011

Ab year end post to banta hai.. 2011 was a terrible year..seriously a terrible year.. Even mom said that this was a really bad year..Broken homes, broken marriages, losing people..things were not great in the family..and more to follow in the coming year. And I have not even mentioned things on the personal front which were even more troubling. I should refrain from doing that. Let it be. But there's no point blaming the year. Que sera sera..What will be, will be..whether it is 2011 or 2012. Papa also remains tensed these days. Today, we had a Prabhat Pheri at our house this morning. Hope things get better.

So, any new year resolutions? Yes, in addition to those of the last year which will continue onto next year, I have two proper resolutions

1. To stop being vulnerable in front of is not going to help in the long run.. as they say हम को मन की शक्ति देना, मन विजय करें, दूसरों की जय से पहले, खुद को जय करें..
2. To read, read and more read..more insights, more about politics, movies, culture, art..more books..and also have a strong command over written English especially grammar rules and vocabulary..I so want to be an editor (though I write in a very informal way on the blog showing no regard for the rules :)) At least one new word every day I can learn..

Bas, nothing else for resolution..these two are more than enough.

Dialogue of the day:

' चाहत के दो पल भी मिल पाएं, दुनिया में यह भी कम है क्या ' - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Wishing you all a great year ahead..

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Of Christmas, Fortune Cookie, Don 2, Conversations and Living On...

Merry Christmas everyone. Seema Goswami writes beautifully about Christmas:

If you ask me, Christmas is the greatest triumph of our syncretic Indian culture: that our festivals retain their religious significance even as they are celebrated across religious lines. Contrast this with the West where political correctness now dictates that you should say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’’ for fear of giving offence to some minority or religious group.

Totally agree..

And before I forget I wanted to write about something else as well. I had gone for dinner at Fortune Cookie at my last unit outing. Now, as we know after you finish your meal there, they give a cookie which contains your fortune. Just as that silly and irritating Facebook app that I have permanently blocked as spam on my feed. But I like doing these stupid things although I don't believe in them. So D who was sitting next to me got his fortune as "There will be pressure at work, but you will sail through." D is actually doing a very difficult project but I know he will sail through :). And H got his fortune as, "You will soon be gifted by a close friend."  Now, this is so true. We had gone on Wednesday and Friday was my last day. I had planned to give him something on my last day. So true no? These inane things sometime become so true. Haina? And you what I got as my fortune? "You will never be last. You will always excel." I don't know whether it is true or not :( I can only wish..

I start a new phase of my life tomorrow. I am going to miss all my friends and am going to miss my old office :( But as the cliche goes, life moves on. Scared, nervous..these are the feelings what I am experiencing. Theek hai..I will try to be positive :) 

I also liked Don 2. The thing with me is that I don't watch English action movies much (I love Hindi movies more!!!) I haven't seen all the movies that it has been ripped off from - Ocean's Eleven, Mission Impossible. I liked the movie but I still feel Don 1 was better in terms of story and drama. This was more of a one dimensional movie focused only on the robbery but in terms of characters Don 1 was better. By Don 1, I mean the Farhan Akhtar one..not the original which I still haven't seen completely. There were no great edge of the seat moments but I loved the way it has been shot. You can make out it is Farhan's style. 

I also called J to wish her Christmas. Whenever I talk to her, I feel happy because she makes me feel so happy. So today when I called her, she told me that cab bhaiya was saying good things about me. Now what happened is that there was this fellow C in my cab (J and I used to call him by many names with this letter :P) but let's call him late-latif :P It was my first pick up and then I used to go to his place. And now C has the first pick up, so as his name goes he comes by his own sweet time. And has the audacity to blame driver bhaiya that he comes late. J told me that this led to an argument in which he said that "P never used to come late, instead he had to wait for me. He was always on time." Chalo is bahane C ki akal thikane ayegi ki it's bad manners to let someone wait for you every single day :P Chalo bahut buraai kar di C ki..itna bura bhi nahi hai vo..thora spolit hai..Ab mujhe kuch nahi bolna chahiye uske bare me. Wish him all the best.

It is my sister's birthday today. My mom's Santa Claus :P I just wish things get better. Mummy remains worried these days :( 

Anyways, lots of work still left...and lots and lots of more things to say..Long time no see..

Dialogue(s) of the day:

From Hum Tum:

Riya: Karan, बात ऐसी थी  की मैं इंडिया में रहती तो Mumma और मेरे रिश्तेदार मेरी दोबारा शादी की बात करते रहते.. Sameer के जाने के बाद मेरा इन सब बातों से मन उठ चूका था.. किसी के जाने के बाद भी प्यार थोड़ी न कम हो जाता है ..Sameer का पयार मेरे साथ हमेशा रहेगा.. I will always love him.

Karan: I can understand that.. इसका यह तो मतलब यह तो नहीं की तुम अपनी ज़िन्दगी फिर से शुरू नहीं कर सकती..You can't stop living nah?

Like it when she says, किसी के जाने के बाद भी प्यार थोड़ी न कम हो जाता है...very true. and he says, but you have to keep on living. This reminds me of this post of mine.

The lovely scene here..winner of Filmfare Best Scene of the Year 2004.. Bye for now

Friday, December 23, 2011

वोह है सबसे बुरा..

Anupama Chopra writes the following lines about Dil To Pagal Hai.

Karishma Kapoor, who picked up the role after Juhi Chawla, Manisha Koirala, Urmila Matondkar, and Kajol had turned it down, is simply superb. She gives her heartache a quiet elegance and grace.

Reading this immediately reminded me of that superb scene from the movie where Rahul and Nisha are sitting by the poolside.

निशा: राहुल, तुम नहीं जानते, मैं अच्छी लड़की नहीं हूँ, देखो न एक लड़का है मैं जिसे बहुत प्यार करती हूँ   और हमेशा से करती आई  हूँ और आज मुझे पता चला की वो मुझसे नहीं किसी और से प्यार करता है..तो मुझे अच्छा नहीं लग रहा है. दर्द हो रहा है. गुस्सा आ रहा है, जलन हो रही है.. मुझे ऐसा नहीं लगाना चाहिए राहुल.. मैं बहुत बुरी हूँ

राहुल: बुरी तुम नहीं हो..पता है बुरा कौन है..वोह है सबसे बुरा..वो हम इंसानों के साथ अजीब तरह के खेल खेलता है.....वोह एक को दूसरे से प्यार करवाता है और दुसरे को तीसरे से...और तीसरे को किसी और से प्यार करवाता है...पता नहीं ऐसा क्यों करता है...

It's a brilliant scene and as far as I remember this scene also won the award for the best scene at Zee Cine Awards. 

I am a big fan of all such characters (Vanraj, Sid, Anjali, Deepa, Cuckold, George, Rachel, Aditya...) who deal with one-sided love with grace, maturity and poise...maybe because I look up to such people to deal with my own hopeless situation :( Anyways, more later.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Of Geet's Philosophy on Life...

आदित्य: सब कुछ जो इंसान चाहता है, वो मिलता कहाँ है यार?
गीत: क्यों? मुझे तो लगता है की इंसान जो कुछ भी real में चाहता है ना, actual में उसको life में वोही मिलता है...

आदित्य: गीत, तुम बहुत बड़े problem में फँस सकती हो. Do you realize that? सिर्फ हंसी, खेल तमाशा नहीं होती यार life. Life में serious होना होता है. 
गीत: तुम तो life में बहुत serious थे आदित्य. क्या फायदा हुआ? बहुत बड़े problem में तो तुम भी फँस गए ना?
आगे क्या होने वाला है, उसपर किसी का control तो है नहीं. तो ऐसे में मैं वोही करती हूँ, जो मेरा दिल कहता है. कल को मैं किसी और को blame नहीं करना चाहती की जी तुम्हारी वजह से मेरी life खराब हो गयी. मेरी life जो भी होगी, मुझे पता होगा की मेरी वजह से ऐसी है. तो I’ll be happy. 

Things will just turn out fine. P, you have to accept somethings. Somethings are not made for you. Try to be happy. Don't worry.

Here's another fascinating insight on the movie. At one point, Aditya says: "Ek time that music se bada passion nahin tha meri life mein."

Geet's name means 'song', and eventually she becomes the music of his life. Hindi films are far more intelligent than they are given credit for!

Also, I found the complete script of Jab We Met. Reading a film script is a different experience. You can find the script at this link. Worth keeping and especially of a film like Jab We Met.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Of Ma and Mama...

Ever since my renewed fascination with Luck By Chance, I am constantly thinking of what that movie is trying to say. A detailed post is in the offing but I have been reminded of another of my all time favorite movie - Taal. I loved Taal, notwithstanding its mediocre performance at the Box office. Now, there's this scene where Anil Kapoor talks about his ideals. He says his mom told him to follow certain principles which were
  • प्यार बलिदान से ही महान होता है
  • नेकी कर दरिया में दाल
  • कर्म कर, फल की इच्छा मत कर 

And then he says followed this principles for some time but it didn't take him anywhere..all he could do was end up as a background musician playing छैना..

However, then his Mama told him some other ideals which he should follow these principles if he wants to be successful in life, which are as follows

  • प्यार सही लेन देन से ही मज़बूत  होता है
  • नेकी कर पहले खुद से, फिर दूसरों से..
  • बिना फल के सब कर्म बेकार है 
  • इमानदारी से ज्यादा ज़रूरी है दुकानदारी
  • Competition से जीतने के लिए ज़रूरी है जलन, इर्ष्या
  • अमीर बनने के लिए ज़रूरी है लालच..
  • बड़ा बनने के लिए ज़रूरी है दूसरों को छोटा दिखाना..

Ans he ends up as a millionaire!

By my own experience, I feel that the 'Mama' philosophy will help you survive in this world, but this has made me question many things - Can good people not survive here then? Will they be always left behind? Why do we have to do something by going against our grain? I really don't know.

Dialogue of the day:

ना प्यार, ना दोस्ती, ना इश्क, ना मोहब्बत, nope. दिल का खेल बताइये, दिल मत दीजिये. हम दर्द बेचते हैं खरीदते नहीं हैं

P.S. - At the end, when Vikrant (Anil Kapoor) realises that Mansi (Aishwarya Rai) will never be happy with him, he lets go of her. So, eventually, the mom principles triumph as प्यार बलिदान से ही महान होता है. But what happened to Vikrant after that? Did he go back to his simple ways? Did he survive? We don't know!

P.P.S. - Did you know that  Taal was selected by the idol-of-us-all-wannabe-critics Roger Ebert for his 2005 Overlooked Film Festival!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Of Last Day Emotions and Mummy..

Yesterday was my last day at my first job. I got selected on August 10, 2008 from campus, joined on October 19, 2009, resigned on October 31, 2011 and finally left on December 16, 2011. Life completely changes when one leaves college. I am that sort of a person who doesn't like stepping out of my comfort zone. But as I now again step out of comfort zone, I am again feeling that sense of insecurity. My life of the last two and a half years is now going to change. I didn't cry when I left school. I didn't cry when I left college but I cried the most when I left yesterday :( My friends have supported me so much during these two years - I am so indebted to them. I am not going to see them now everyday :( But as they say, you have to move on. I have taken certain decisions after a lot of thinking, I am taking some risks, I hope it doesn't boomerang on me.

I don't know what happened yesterday..maybe it was because only me who was leaving (as compared to college when everybody leaves) while my friends are here, that gave me a feeling of being left out. When I went to meet J for the last time, I couldn't hold myself and she also started crying :( J is my inspiration, even after going through so much in life, she always has a smile on her face. And after I gave a card to N, she also started crying after reading it :( And A (who is just like me as a person) also took me to a room and she told me certain things that I should do and she was also crying :( 

And I couldn't face A the entire day because I know she was upset, and I couldn't meet her alone else :( And I randomly said to H, that I am leaving, so mujhe miss kar lena..and he said P aise mat bol, varna I will actually start know how much I am going to miss you :( A and H have done the most for me, been there for everything, listened to me, guided me..

Ab bhai sab nahi ro dho rahe the :)..S came to my seat and wrote a thank you note for me, J came specially from LA with the super cool Santa cap :), R brought something that is so me..and everyone else A, R, D, D, D and so many others..I will write more about them later.

And S called me in her room and talked to me for about 15-20 minutes. She said a very sweet thing that I am an introvert version of her, it's just that she speaks more and I don't speak much but as a person, we have the same likings, same opinion..but said that she understands that smarter people have smarter aspirations..

But the biggest surprise for the day was when I came home and showed my gifts to mummy and she also saw what all things I had kept on my desk. She got so emotional, so emotional! (I really don't know why!!) that she said I didn't know that people like you so much. She said that in the future also, people will like you and you will do very well. She said she will keep these gifts forever and will show them to my kids :| My mom has too much expectations from me..Maybe I should tell her that she shouldn't think too much of me, she might be disappointed if she has high hopes :P

And today morning, I woke up and read a message in my cell that said, "I miss you already. Please come back." :( 

I will write more about the last days in later posts..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Interesting? Me??

Ok..Hello again..Long time no see :)

This post is a narcissist one considering my penchant for self deprecation, this one might be too OTT :\ But I still want to write because it made me really feel good..

So, yesterday a new member joined our team in office. Whenever someone joins, our team has this new ritual attached. Like sometimes we don't have to introduce ourselves, the person sitting next to us has to introduce you..or sometimes it is like that you have to share one thing about you which no body knows..these types..

So, yesterday, the different part was that along with your introduction, you have to say who your favorite/interesting person in the unit (team) is..this was a bit of surprise that could lead to allegations of favoritism but it's ok..So, one by one people started saying who they found the most interesting person in the unit..clearly, R has a massive fan club in the unit..almost everybody in the team said that he is a very interesting person to talk to..

And you know what three people took my name :) I felt nice..So who were these people.

First was H :) He said P is his favorite person in the unit because he is a very interesting person to talk to and one could share anything with him :) :) :) And then he joked later "I said the truth what it is.. lekin zyada seriously mat lio isko theek hai.."  

And the second one who took my name was S..She said as a unit head she should not take names of people who are her favorite as for her all are equal but in terms on interesting people there are two people she likes and they were P and A..And then she said that P is one of those quiet people who would sit in a corner and mentally dissect about characters..on the symbolic metaphors in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and would tell her trivia like in Luck By Chance, how the refrigerator that is endorsed by Hrithik Roshan stands for being cool..and he writes blogs analyzing various characters..and someone who is very interesting to talk to..And he has started this cryptic Cinema Paradiso quiz about movies..
I felt nice and I think it's all because of J that she knows I write..I have never told her that I write, it is only J who made her read it once..thank God, she hasn't read my other non-film posts..she would then realize how interesting I really am :(

And finally, the third person who took my name was D! He said he has started talking to me recently in the last one month and he has found that although he is quiet but P has an opinion on many things. And there is this thing with him that when you are around him, you feel a bit vulnerable and you can talk to him about anything. And can share a lot of your secrets. He then said that he has told many of his secrets to me and he knows I will not tell these around. Again, I felt nice especially D saying this..Ok D, of course, I won't tell who your latest crush in office is ;P Thanks so much anyways..

Honestly, I consider myself as a very boring person with no social etiquette but I felt nice when three people in my team think I am interesting..

So, whose name did I take? I actually took two names. One of course, H, that goes without saying. Because he is one person I can say anything without thinking of the consequences and can talk to him about any topic..And the second name I took was of S. And I said she is more of a friend rather than unit head and I could discuss about life, relationships, higher ends of life, people and have interesting philosophical discussions with her..

So after that there was an office party at Urban Pind in GK. I got so drunk for the first time ever..had about five drinks and my head was spinning..don't know how people have so much capacity..but it was nice.. Since it was going to be my last official party, I could see people trying to cheer me up..A, usual partners :) even R!! And H got so drunk that he was out as always..He hugged me for so long, wouldn't let me go and kept on saying, Pankaj, tu bhi ja raha hai :( Now the sinking feeling on not being able to see these special people has started..

Dialogue of the day:

उन्हें मत भूलो जो तुम्हे तब जानते थे जब तुम कुछ नहीं थे..क्यूंकि बस येही है जो तुम्हे हमेशा सच बोलेंगे - Luck By Chance


Anyways, as always, catch you later..

Sunday, December 4, 2011

सपनो से भरे नैना, तो नींद है न चैना..


Someone called me a psuedo-intellectual yesterday :( I think that's the worst thing anyone could say..sob sob..I didn't feel bad because it's true in a way..that's what I am going to be all y life...pretentious :(

It's been a dull weekend..since Friday night, I am experiencing a *strange* feeling.. missing someone badly :( 
The worst feeling is being forgotten by someone you will never forget..

I have seen three terrific films in the last week - Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, Zoya Akhtar's Luck By Chance and Milan Luthria's The Dirty Picture (this one was not exactly terrific save Vidya Balan).. Each of it deserves a separate review..will write about the first two for sure soon..if only I get much other work to do :\

I am in love with Luck By Chance all over again..such a terrific movie..a movie with one of the most detailed characters ever..will write more in detail for this one for sure..super it is..

Dialogue(s) of the day:

Luck by Chance:
इतने दिनों तुमने किसी और पर भरोसा किया..अब अपने आप पर भरोसा करो..मौके मिलते नहीं सोना, बनाये जाते हैं, कामयाबी हम तक नहीं आती, हमें कामयाबी तक जाना होता है..अपने रास्ते पर चलते रहो..चलते रहो..धीरे धीरे सारी दुनिया तुम्हारे रास्ते पर आ जाएगी..

कामयाबी और नाकामी इंसान खुद ही चुनता है.. Success and failure are choices we make..

Pyaar Ke Side Effects:
अपने सपनो को पूरा करने की कोई उम्र नहीं होती..

More about Luck By Chance in coming posts..

सपनो से भरे नैना, तो नींद है न चैना..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Of Biggest Problem...

You know P, what's your biggest problem is? Your heart stops your brain from believing in yourself.

I totally agree :-\

Monday, November 28, 2011

If you can avoid peer pressure on campus..

Here is what I found on the Internet..We all know these points already but still worth a read.. I totally agree with 42, 43 and 44. If you can avoid peer pressure, then truly you are on path to becoming great!

1)      If you think an IIM admit is your ticket to happiness, you’re already bracing yourself up for a lot of misery. Think ‘experience’ and you’ll just about get by
2)      Unless you are dropping the idea of doing an Indian MBA or are going abroad (to a ‘better’ place) it is foolish to reject an offer from any of the IIMs(at least the top 6) for something better next year. Selection criteria of IIMs are as unpredictable as Sreesanth’s form with the ball. CAT has become a little like shooting in the dark and hoping for the best.
3)      There is not necessarily any correlation between efforts and (at least short term) rewards… In fact more often than not it does not exist
4)      It’s all about doing the right things rather than doing everything
5)      Most people in an ‘Indian’ Institute of Management still  feel they are representing their state here
6)      No one likes attending guest talks. Somehow most speakers are made to believe that they are really wanted. Most young speakers promise not to bore by being short and ‘interactive’ and they do exactly the opposite
7)      It is all still ‘Sarkari’. Very Sarkari
8)      Fresher girls get placed fast and easily so. A boring engineer with IT work ex of over 3 years is a pain for the placement committee
9)      Bigger the batch size, higher the free riding
10)   Everyone ‘globes’. Even those who call others globers.
11)   Facebook stalking of girls who could join your IIM is rampant. That guys in most IIMs are desperate is an understatement.  Professors, Students and Recruiters – all are.
12)   It is still ABC and the rest.  But the good news is that L is almost there and I,K are catching up fast
13)   Directors of all IIMs always want more girls in their incoming batch. Very few succeed
14)   There are a lot of professors who are there just to make up the numbers. There is a severe crunch of quality faculty across IIMs
15)   Everyone has a view on reservations but is too uncomfortable a topic to talk about openly
16)   Everyone complains about mess food. No matter how many times you change the contractor, no matter which IIM you go to. Someone will always complain
17)   Participate in B-school events. They are fun and an excellent opportunity to meet new people.  About 50% of the batch goes/plans to go home or on a trip when their institute’s fest is on. Quite a shame
18)   IIMs and ethics don’t really go hand in hand
19)   Alumni play a bigger role than you can imagine. Follow them, network with them and make them happy.
20)   Read cases. There are no rules to solve them and it is one place where you can combine creativity with intelligent analysis. If nothing they are nice stories to read.
21)   Never miss a good professor’s class. They are a rarity and you may take back life’s lessons
22)   Plagiarism is rampant and often excused. Good professors will make you pay for it
23)   Teaching associates check your exam papers. With burgeoning batch sizes that’s the way ahead. There is always a question on how qualified they are.
24)   Student exchange in Europe is really cool. 5th terms can get extremely boring, especially if you have a PPO or/and you are not part of the B-School festivals in your institute nor are you participating in some.
25)   It takes courage to be different in a B-School. Being courageous also means sacrifice
26)   Higher the degree of honesty, greater the chances of you being in trouble
27)   100% placements of QUALITY is a relic of the past.  That concept doesn’t even make headlines anymore. It’s all about the big names, big money.
28)   Big money can make a mockery of all your loyalty towards a particular profile or domain during placements. In desperate times, placement policies force such an effect.
29)   Batches of 2009 and 2010 are 2 of the unluckiest batches since liberalization across IIMs but more specifically at L,I,K
30)   There is little value addition in most classes. That time can be used so much better. However, it is professor dependent. A good professor can make attending lectures a delight. Even the laziest bums on campus will work when a good professor is around.
31)   PPT styles and videos of a lot of professors are of an era gone by long ago.
32)   Communication lectures are the most abused but no other course is as important as written and oral communication. Ask people who have just been placed.
33)   Microsoft Office is more important than any other software in the life of an IIM grad. Mastery over MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint can take you places.
34)   The probability of you getting into Mckinsey and Co. when you’re taking the CAT is less than 0.02%.
35)   Entrepreneurship is cool. Being an entrepreneur while being on campus is cooler.
36) is part of B-school folklore now. It’s already a case study in IIM Bangalore and IIM Indore. It’s a lot of fun to see real life personalities of people whom you have made an image about while interacting on pagalguy. Double thumbs up to pagalguy.
37)   It is a Post Graduate Programme in Management with a degree called PGDM and not a MBA.
38)   Sports meets are awesome fun.
39)   No one has a clue what they want to do with their life. Most just pretend that they know
40)   Sometimes almost everyone seems better than you.
41)   You will never get time for yourself.  Trust me; it’s a good state to be in.
42)   Do as many activities as possible on campus. It may be the last chance before you get back into the real world.
43)   If you can avoid peer pressure on campus, you’re already on your way to becoming great.
44)   No matter where you are, you will always feel something else is better.
45)   It is not very easy to win B-school competitions. Respect the ones who do.
46)   Generally it is clear from class participation/desperate class participation who has substance and who has the faff. Quality interactions between faculty and students are rare.
47)   Never miss out on a rural stint. It can be life changing.
48)   Never grudge anyone their success. Just know that if you’re working hard, your time too shall come.
49)   Nothing is more important than networking. If you fail to know at least 70% of your batch and 50% of junior batch, then you have missed out on a golden opportunity. ( You can make adjustments to the stats if batch sizes are huge or/and if you’ve gone on an exchange programme :P )
50)   Over 99% of the people in your age group in this country will happily swap places with you. No matter what the B-school communities say, you’re lucky to be in an IIM.
- Ankit Doshi'

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Of Salim Bhaiya's Shaadi and Luck By Chance

Long time no see :) Seriously, I have nothing to write in this post. Life has been a bit monotonous for the last few days. There is nobody at home also. I am alone as all have gone to cousin's wedding in Karnal. 
And I don't feel like writing the review of Rockstar..forgot some of the points I was supposed to write on. I am now waiting for The Ditry Picture and then Don 2. This is one of those very rare years in which the number of movies I have watched in a hall is very less. Not more than 10 I guess. And those I watched turned out to be big disappointments.

And today is November 20. Our ex-cab driver Salim Bhaiya's wedding today! Ek dum filmi kahani hai..4 times engaged to the same girl and now finally getting married. He is very funny. He used to tell how he met his girl friend chupke chupke. I am very happy for him :) But he is a very nice person. Bilkul tension nahi lete..I wish him a very happy married life.

And now winters coming. I don't feel like waking up in the mornings :(

Again, my cosmic connection theory came to work this week. You know the movie quiz in office I talked about before called 'Cinema Paradiso'. So on Friday morning, I asked this question that in Luck By Chance, for which item did Sona and Vikram win a slogan writing competition. And can you believe that CNN-IBN's Rajeev Masand asked a similar question in his quiz on his Friday night show Now Showing! He had asked "In 'Luck By Chance', what slogan does Farhan Akhtar come up with when he enters a contest at a supermarket, that wins him a refrigerator as a prize? I mean it is such a funny co-incidence that on the same day, a question is asked on the same movie about the same scene! It is really very funny. And the movie's name fits perfectly  to the situation -  Luck By Chance! Seriously me luck by chance ho gaya! Cosmic Connections.

Meanwhile, I read another fascinating piece regarding the refrigerator in Luck By Chance. Here is what one brilliant author says about it.
To me, the fridge was Vikram himself: resource-gobbling; too big for the space it has reasonably been allotted; deliberately tough, shiny exterior; very cool on the inside. Its whole point is to be cool. It isn't even absolutely necessary, but everybody wants one, is supposed to want one - so much so that it's endorsed by Vikram's predecessor Zaffar.

It is awesome!! How beautifully she has analysed a fridge as a metaphor for the characters. 
I absolutely love love love Luck By Chance, so I have downloaded it and will watch it again soon! Ya, I want to write like this..As I have said before, analysis of characters and hidden references. Anyways, more later, 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Of Moms..

Aaj na my maasi came to my place. There was no one at home except me. Mummy had gone to market. And aate hi my maasi started crying like anything. No soon as entered she started crying :(  I seriously didn't know what to do. I thought something had happened. Then I asked her kya hua? She said A chala gaya Singapore! My cousin A went to Singapore for his MBA. So she was feeling very lonely. And the thing is she wanted that he gets married as his younger brother has got married and he still hasn't, so she was a bit worried for him. I felt so sad. I then told her ki yeh sab to chalta rehta hai.. aa jayega ek saal me..tension mat lo..Kuch bhi kaho moms always get worried. Jitna bhi kaho end me mummy hi sab kuch karti hai..I then made tea for her, which was quite thakeli. And then she was ok..and then my mom comes and the first question she asks, yeh chai kisne banai hai..I said that I made and then my mom says, mere liye to aaj tak banayi nahi..aaj kaise bana di :| Ek din pura khana bana dunga bas!

Meanwhile, I saw Rockstar! The film has its flaws but still it is so so much better than these stupid films. I can watch the movie again just for one thing- Ranbir Kapoor...he is brilliant! Seriously, the next superstar. He is without any doubt a terrific actor..this guy will go places..and what slowly grows on the song Tum ho paas mere brilliant..and I am still humming O yeyeyeye in my head..I have a lot of issues with the film but still I loved it.. there are some stunning scenes in the movie..More detailed review later.. I am still thinking about it. There are some scenes which I am still not able to decipher their meaning..very layered such as when Jordan is sitting in the bathtub and the guitar is is a very deep movie..
Anyways, will continue in later posts..

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Tipping point..mere se nahi ho raha itna sab kuch ek irritated and depressed..honestly, these past five months have been terrible -  personally, professionally..And things don't look good..

Waqt Se Pehle Aur Naseeb Se Jyada Kisiko Kuch Nahi Milta Zindgi Wo Nahi He Jo Hum Sochte He Zindgi Wo He Jo Hum Jeete He.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Of Not Thinking and References..

Hmmm..Long time no see as always :) It's been really long..nothing much is happening..the same old cribs about work, work and more work! I have taken some steps in the past few days. Only time will tell how right or wrong they are..

For the last few days, I am feeling I have become emotionless.. I mean I am not feeling happy, neither's just something neutral..And the things that have been bothering me for some time, I am now slightly better with is because I am not even thinking about them at all..just have put them in cold storage for some time..and since I have been overloaded with work for the last three weeks or so, I am not getting time to think about them..In a way, it's they the opposite of love is not hate, it's I am feeling indifferent to certain things..if you can't do something about it, then stop thinking about it..

I mean I have watched only one movie in the last 4 months! I am not feeling like watching Ra.One also..Rockstar, I will watch for sure.. And Cinema Paradiso - the movie quiz I started in office is back for Season 2. It so happenned that yesterday's question was somewhat cryptic but easily doable..So I got mail from 4 people that it is a brilliant question (as R said it is genius stuff :)) But then I replied I think people who got it right are more genius as they can think what I am thinking..It is very easy for me to make a question but difficult for people to connect on what lines I am thinking.. So this was the question I asked..


Identify which famous character are we talking about! I thought it is a very simple one!

Anyway, I just found a new reference in another movie..Today's question was about Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. I just remebered that scene in which during the wedding when Nisha and the other saalis are trying to distract Prem's attention from the shoes, so they pull a prank on him and say to him that he has a call. During the call, the girl who is calling is hiding under the table and when Prem says who is speaking, she says "Ji main Suman, aapke pichle janam ka pyar". Isn't it referring to Suman from Maine Pyar Kiya?? And then Prem says, "Ji is janam ke liye Nisha ji kaisi rahengi"..Hahaha!

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun was the first ever movie I watched in a hall..was in Class 3 at that time..The movie inspired the Chopras and the Johars and went on to become one of the highest grossing films ever. Suraj Barjatya did a very clever marketing strategy. There were no video cassettes released for the movie and the ticket rates were hiked for the movie..this worked in its favour grossing crores!..But if you see HAHK is an unintenionally funny movie..Just look at Tuffy's role!!

Talking about reference, here's another one  - Pooja and Nisha were the names of the leading actress in HAHK and Dil to Pagal Hai

I simply love finding references in movies!

More later..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of Dreams!

Hmmm..So it's Diwali today :) Happy Diwali :)

Last week, on October 20, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge completed sixteen years!! I simply love that film..Anupama Chopra writes about it that how it is more than a love story.. Like she says, that woman in this film are particularly more insightful as they really are..she brings this out  by giving examples such as Simran's dadi who can easily make out that Simran is not happy from inside and when Raj finally turns up, she calls Balli and says that it is for the first time she has seen happiness in her eyes! And she also cites Chutki's example that at the first meeting only, Chutki can make out that Kuljeet is not really a great guy! And of course, Simran's mom perhaps one of the most understanding moms ever..she cites that brilliant scene, when Lajjo says, that all through her life, she was discriminated against her brothers..her education was stopped just because she was a girl and then she made a promise to herself that she won't do the same with her daughters but she has lost again.and that is why she has come to ask for Simran's happiness!

As usual too much digression :), so there is a very poignant line that Lajjo says to Simran, "Khwaab dekho lekin unke pura hone ki shart mat rakho".. I have been thinking of dreams for some time..infact, there is particular line in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara that is the reason..That scene where Kabir says to Natasha that she should not change her self after their marriage. He says that is was her dream project and she should pursue that. And then she replies "Dreams change Kabir, pehle me vo karna chahthi thi lekin main ab yeh karna chahti hun". Can dreams change so easily? If you change dreams so easily without even pursuing them, then is it worth calling them dreams.. but if people can change over time, why can't dreams change? As usual, I know I am thinking too much..the thing to always keep in mind is that we typically see life in terms of black and white, which in reality is is very difficult to generalise such things and that is the beauty of is a mix of both good and bad things! So, a person might relentlessly pursue his dream, while the other might even change his dream due to circumstances..As someone said, there is a story behind every person. There's a reason why they're the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.

Meanwhile I had put this as my Facebook status last week, "Khwaab dekho lekin unke pura hone ki shart mat rakho".  So J sends me a message, "kya negative quote maarta rehta hai.. This quote from another SRK starrer is more like it - "Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai".

I don't think it is a negative quote at all! So I send him this reply, "I don't think so it is a negative quote..maybe you are thinking negative..In fact, it is one of the most inspirational talks about how to never stop dreaming and losing hope even when things are not going according to plan..don't be that rigid if things are not going as per the way you want..keep dreaming and keep hoping..and even in the movie, Simran started tearing her diary pages realising she will never find that andekha anjaana but her mom says to her you never know Kuljeet turns out to be that one should never lose hope!!"

So he sends me this reply: 

"Now your quote does not look negative..I was thinking the other way - I feel all dreams can be made to come true, we need to put in the effort to make them come true.. And if we really badly need them to come true (and put in our best efforts to do that) well they do come true.."

As I said, we should stop looking through the prism of right or wrong..things in reality are quite complex and too hard to group them in such categories..

But you know what is worse? Having no dreams at all :(

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Of Duniya and Diwali...

Long time no see :) No time to write anything at all.. The past few weeks have been totally a disaster..but no more sad thoughts at least for these days :)

So, I watch Bigg Boss on Colors..No not on TV but on their website..This week Raageshwari was eliminated. I have loved her since when I was 11 or 12 when I heard that song Duniya..brilliant it is! She disappeared somewhere after that but now she came back on Bigg Boss! I mean she is such a positive person after going through so much in life. She suffered from facial paralysis but she still did not lose hope..You can actually make out she is a genuinely nice person..after all she will give no drama, that is why she was eliminated. Seriously a very nice person! I have been continuously listening to this song 'Duniya' has some amazing lyrics..worth listening again and again! Infact, I love all her songs..

Baatne se aur nikharta, hain pyar ka rangan maul 
Mere hisse main aaya kitna, baith karu kya gaur
Yeh char dino ka mela hain 
Arey ha yeh duniya yeh duniya badi rangin peheli..

Meanwhile, Happy Diwali

Waise to aaj raat diwali ki raat hai.. ik deep apne dil mein jalao to baat hai - Javed Akhtar

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Ya..nothing is going right... absolutely has reached such an ebb that coming out of it seems so trying to be so positive but something or the other is getting wrong..ya am so worried for mum..I am not that strong ya..please theek ho jaye sab..I can only pray...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Of High Honors and A's Mail...

So long time no see :( The thing is for the last three weeks I have joined back office there has been humongous work :( I have have been working even on weekends and the thing is I have become very slow also. I don't feel like working as there are so many things going in my head these days :{ 

Anyways, you know this week I got an award as called R&R (Reward and Recognition) for this particular quarter. I had told about that 5 month long project that I had done with A. For that particular project, I got this trophy and a cash card of Rs. 5,000! Actually in our company, every quarter these awards are announced for people who have done some great work! So from my unit, I got this time. It was totally unexpected when S called out my name in front of the entire office and said certain things about me. I was so embarrassed as I just wanted to go back to my seat as soon as possible (as H said to me "your expression said just shut the fuck up and let me go back"). I am not very comfortable when I am in the limelight. S said about how dedicatedly I had worked on this project for such a long duration. Frankly speaking I think I got it because of the duration of the project. I mean I did not do great work in it, I did what I was asked to do. If I had not done it somebody else would have no? Maybe even better. The project was super tough and required a lot of re-work! I mean I used to make 15 slides and then one number changed all the slides and then go back to them and again re-do them! But I did not give any ideas on how to go about it. It's only due to A and S I got this.

Anyway, after that I sent a thank you mail to A.. this is what I wrote:

Yeah A as you know I am not very good with words. Today when S was saying about me, I just did not feel good because deep inside I knew that I don't deserve this. I am not buttering you and all but honestly I just did what you told me to do. H and aapne jo bola maine kar diya. If I had not done it, some body else would have done it no? Rather I should be thankful to you for giving me this opportunity. I have seriously learnt a lot from you. You know ever since my first ever project with you two years back (when I had no idea about anything), you suggested me so many things such as making excel file for sources, attaching PPT file in the mail, making mail folders in your inbox, I still remember all of that and even in this project I have learnt a lot..seriously a lot. I will just say Thank you so much for everything and apologies for anything. I am a very reserved person, but you know I had written about our meeting in my diary sometime back and I will like to share it with you and again say 'Thank you' as I sad that being praised for the only thing you have is a bit emotionally overwhelming.

And then also sent him the post where I had written about my conversation with him. (This link)

And you know this is what he replied:

Pankaj, I will keep my reply short and simple (we have already exchanged the pleasantries a lot of times :) :) :) 

First, I did nothing to get you that award, it was just your hard work. And don't worry about the part that you did what we asked you to do - it is equally important to execute the ideas than just come up with it. You did a good job there :) - and now I am saying no more about the project!! :)

Second, it is a pleasure to know that you think of so highly of me. I did some of it (I will be modest :P) but not so much :P. Appreciate your kind words.

Third, I felt really touched upon reading your mail. You make me believe that I can be a good mentor too (never looked at that way here though outside I have been doing this long) - good to know. Thanks a ton.

Last, go get your dreams. No one expects you to be a Warren Buffet or a George Soros - just live a typical life. Peace is more important than money. Go give your best shot to this opportunity.

A :)

You know the sweetest part of the mail? In the end,  he wrote Cheers A!!! As you know I never write names of people here, but only the initial letter. So in the mail I had written 'Of Conversation with A', instead of his name, he also replied me by saying Cheers A (and not his full name). I liked it :) More than the reward, what matters are these small things..haina?

Now office tomorrow..please deliverable chale jaye theek thak :( Will write more later about many many other things...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Of The Complete Man...

I love this is brilliant! I have always loved Raymond's advertisements. Something very classy and subtly emotional about them just like men are..that is why it is called Raymond - The Complete Man.. I wish my mom is someday proud of me.. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Of Missing :|

The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them.

I read this awesome quote today. Me misses you a lot but it's okay...Life me har cheez nahi milti na :( 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Of Life's Unpredictability..

The past few weeks have been so so tragic ya.. These events confirm yet again that life is so unpredictable..

The obnoxious killing of Umeshkant Pandey, a toll collector at Gurgaon plaza, for a mere Rs. 27! I mean how insensitive and impulsive can people be that they can kill anybody like this! Brutal and gruesome! Whenever I pass through the DND flyover in the night, I always look at those people collecting toll and used to say to myself that it is one of the most boring jobs ever..sitting all day and collecting money. But not everybody is lucky as some of us to get a decent education...these people have come from far and for them this source of income is  the perhaps the only thing they have! Umeshkant's story is so so tragic ya..He comes from a remote village in Madhya Pradesh..He has three married sisters, a mentally challenged brother, a crippled brother, old dependent parents, and a dependent wife! He used to send some money back to make ends meet..What will they do now? I feel so sad ya..

Send checks to Ramrati Pandey Account Number: 30496591243 State Bank of India Birha, Bijhauli, Hanumana, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh Pin: 486335

And then there was the earthquake in many people suffered..And the way we treat North-East as some other country, no body was even bothered! May their souls rest in peace..

There is no greater loss than losing your loved one and there is no greater tragedy than losing your home in front of your eyes..

Azaruddin lost his son to a bike accident..Imagine losing your 18 year old son..CNN IBN's Gaurav Kalra wrote this poignant piece that brought a lump to my throat.. He says,

"I have often wondered why I wept at the birth of my child. Tears are usually logical. When my favourite uncle passed, his body ravaged by a vicious cancer, I wept in regret and pain. When my sister said goodbye on getting married I wept in trepidation, in fear of the new life that awaited her. But why was I weeping now? Why did this miniscule lump of meat have such an impact? A stranger who didn't as much as wonder who I was. A little human being I hadn't ever met, never shared a bond with, never as much as set eyes on before. Why was I weeping?.

For want of a better analogy, a child is next in line to take over the baton in a relay race. Its arrival is the surest sign of your life moving forward. Not as a grandiose keeper of your legacy but quite simply as an extension of your being. A relay always moves forward. If the sprinter meant to carry the baton forward stumbles the race is over. The team is rudderless. The first runner can't run again for the fourth. There is smoothness to the process. A protocol, if you will."

Life is really unpredictable ya..Thank God for everything..every breath is a we should celebrate birthdays everyday..It is easy to say this but try to live it up..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Of Talent-less Me...

Ok.. my sabbatical ends tomorrow.. I am feeling so so depressed..ab phir se itni lambi chhuti nahi is 25 days since office and still I don't feel like going to office..koi zindagi bhar muft ki roti kyun nahi de sakta :{

I had planned to do N number of things during these holidays but about N/2 have been done..Somewhat better than my target of N/4 =)

I really wanted to do certain things though, however, by the turn of events they could not be done.. I seriously hope ho jaye vo..

Mummy also doesn't keep well these days :(

Every third day I had a cold in these holidays, mujhe itna nahi hota tha pehle but  ab to bahut frequently hone kag gaya hai..very irritating it is..huh!

I don't know ya..pata nahi phir se I am feeling that restlessness..hehe..lagta hai kuch hone vala hai..

Anyway, India's Got Talent aata hai na, usme yesterday Sonali said to a participant, "You are just brilliant! I feel so tiny in front of you. And I feel jealous ki mere me aisa talent kyun nahi hai."  I always feel the same when I see talented people all around me! I feel so hollow in front of them. Mere paas to kuch bhi talent nahi hai. Some people are brilliant photographers, painters, artists, singers, writers, technocrats, dancers, actors, sportsmen, geeks, know-it-all, designers..I feel like so shallow.. I know I know..these things can be one is born with these..only with time these things come..but jab ab tak kuch nahi cultivate kiya aage bhi kya hoga! I seriously feel so jealous (My maths teacher had once said, never be jealous, be zealous!) The only talent I have is a) to appreciate someone else's talent b) to perennially crib that my life sucks (which  does suck BTW)

I don't know..I feel very talent-less as a person which is a shame! 

And I had gone to college..I saw this super car made by people..It is so cool..maine to college me bhi kuch ni kiya aisa.. Maine socha tha I will do this..I will do that.. but sirf soch hi reh gayi..

Anyways, theek hai..mediocre log hamesha mediocre hi rehte hain :-{

Will write more later..

P.S.- I read this amazing chapter on Shah Rukh..will write more about it!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Of Mausam :(

Finally, I saw a movie after nearly three months!! Mausam..

I had high hopes from the film but I am somewhat disappointed :{ The first half is splendid..the Punjab part is gorgeous! The detailing is done to such an extent that in one scene during the night, there is a dog roaming in the streets! Or in another one in Gulzar's tanga, it is written "Main bharke chali jaungi tu dekhte rahiyo." The hand knit sweaters, Rooh-hafza bottles, the yellow mustard fields..the awesome song Rabba..Sonam looking ravishing as ever without makeup! Shahid- the charming Punjabi munda..there after the film just goes down and down and down..I don't feel like writing why I didn't like. I am disappointed. But mind you, there are some superbly crafted moments.. I wish there were more of these! Could have been so so better! 

Some things I liked -
Rabba current favorite! what picturization.

Even more beautiful was the picturization of the song Zara Si Mendi Laga Do, in which Ayat and Harry write notes to each other while Pammo sleeps..Super super idea! Loved it totally!

The name Ayat (meaning a couplet!)

Sonam..she is just so pretty ya..she should not put makeup! stunning she looks in the entire film, however, this is the first film which I thought she was not able to act :( I have loved her in all films even though people have just hated her! I loved her in I Hate Luv Storys..even Aisha but this film I found her acting to be somewhat mediocre..maybe the script was at fault..there were no good lines given to her..she just had to look pretty and helpless throughout which she does!

The binocular sequences..something really different!

There were few dialogues I liked- 

At one point, an air force officer asks Harry that it is seven years and he still loved Ayat..he says "the fire is still there" and Harry replies, "the sun only sets, it never dies." In fact, this was the entire premise of the film. And I totally agree with it. You cannot stop loving anybody, only someone else might take his/her place but you just cannot stop loving anybody.

I think Rajjo's character totally epitomizes this.Even after getting married and having a kid, she says to Harry "tu kahe to aaj bhi tere saath is chalti train se kud jaun." But she did what she felt was right..I would have given Ayat's letter to Harry if I was in her place.. I felt really sad for her :[

There is this another dialogue which Shahid says, "Mujhe koi bhi aisa nasha pasand nahin jo waqt ke saath utar jaaye. I love life."

Finally, the film is completely Shahid's..he is there in almost every scene..he dances brilliantly..he was terrific as the Punjabi guy but too stiff as the Air Force pilot but still, he invests his heart in the film.

Rest all film is okok.. one-time watch maybe.. I am disappointed :( Sob next awaited movie Rockstar.. zilch hopes from Ra.One!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Of God and Unselfish Love...

Today Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam was coming on Sahara One! I think I need to watch all my favorite movies again because every time I watch them I learn a new thing which I didn't see before. Been thinking about this stunning scene again and again! 

समीर: मैं मानता हूँ भगवान् सब जगह है..बल्कि अभी हम दोनों के बीच में ही है..
वनराज: भगवान् हमारे बीच में नहीं, हमारे अन्दर है.. 
समीर: अगर वो हमारे अन्दर है, तो हमे इतना दुःख क्यूँ देता है 
वनराज: क्यूंकि हम उसे तभी याद करते है जब हम दुःख में होते है और ख़ुशी में भूल जाते है.. वो हमे दुःख इसलिए देता है जिससे  की हम प्यार करना सीखे. और निस्वार्थ प्यार करने से ही हम उसके और करीब हो जाते  है..

Isn't this very similar to the concept of Tree of Life? How true is that ya!! Vanraj is too good to be true..almost utopian!

And see the colors? Sameer obviously a very colorful character is wearing a blue coat, and Vanraj who is more restrained and introvert, is wearing only black and white!!

And then there is this scene where Vanraj and Nandini both pretend to act like lovers so that they escape paying the ticket amount, when the station comes, Nandini's mangalsutra gets stuck in Vanraj's coat!! What a scene that is?!

Bhansali creates some brilliant moments. He is a rockstar!!

Seriously, I need to start watching movies again!