Monday, June 1, 2009


It was a weird day today.

1. While going to Rajouri Garden today, I saw a man playing in mud alone at about 3 pm... Holi thori hai?..he was probably drunk but at 3 in the afternoon?? Weird!

2. At CP, I saw a man abusing a 2 year old boy who was probably asking for alms and that idiot man said "pehle b******* bol" ? How senseless people can be? Weird!

3. At CP again, I saw this traffic police..he caught two guys on a motorbike entering the NO ENTRY zone and as soon as those guys saw him, they started running and that police guy obviously wants to show who is the boss ran after them! Why did the two guys run? They should have talked to him rather than running. Weird!

4. While I was in Rajouri, a woman who was selling something came to me and started asking about my birthmark and started telling her own remedies..she said "kahin likh lo".. Now how do I write on the middle of the road and anyway I don't care anymore, I am used to it.. but the most funniest part, she asked my friend V, " yeh pet se hai isko" will she know? and my other friends thought that I stole something from that aunty! Weird!
5. An uncle in Metro kept staring and staring and staring and staring..Weird!

6. I was wearing sunglasses in a restaurant..and people thought I am, yes you guessed it, weird! :P but I love to be weird..that is why I love Phoebe :) Weird!

7. Why am I writing such a post? Weird!


  1. lol..!!
    tht aunty wala was funny..hahhaaha!!!

  2. 1. Its weird to be playing mud holi, or to be drunk in the afternoon, or both? I've seen people playing mud holi in NSIT, and drunk at 3 in the afternoon in NSIT(actually, those guys were drunk 24/7), so neither of these is weird for me anymore :(

    3. Pertinent questions-a)So if those guys ran, it means they left the bike?
    b)If the answer to the first question is +ve, did u attempt to take the bike?

    4)Now, what problems do you have, which that woman thought she could cure? :P :P :P

    5) My god! Are you sure it was an uncle, or just some weird looking aunty?

    6)You're not weird, you just have a super ego. YOu'll meet the same fate as Zhapod Beeblebrox, but without tasting Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.

    7)See previous point.


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