Friday, June 12, 2009

Lakshya!! yes, that's the word...

I was just surfing the channels and voila! Lakshya is being telecast on some channel. Lakshya is one of the most inspiring films that I have seen. Though it didn't do well, I still cannot fathom why? Probably because of Ms. Zinta's funny hairstyle! Anyway, there is this scene in the film when the Officers take the oath to serve the Union of India and put the nation above their life. I have watched that scene so many times but every time I watch it strikes me like a thunderbolt and get goosebumps by that powerful scene. How much pride you and your parents would feel watching while you take the oath to become an Officer of the Indian Army?How noble one would feel if you are called Lieutenant Karan Shergill. That scene brings a tinge of sadness in me. The word Lakshya as we all know means an aim to get something in life. I am surrounded by such great people that they all have found their Lakshya. But I am still looking for my own. I am not talking about the career, job,blah blah (though I don't know my aim in these things also).. But a Lakshya..what do you want from life..what is your ultimate goal in do you see yourself a few years later..what is your passion.. these questions have been haunting me for the past few days.. and I have no answers...and watching Lakshya made me even more terrible.You have seen that ad featuring Sachin Tendulkar of, I think, Aviva Life Insurance where he asks the guy what does he want to do in life? He says that he wants to open a bookstore and then Sachin replies "Kab Karoge?" When you are forty and then something like that..I feel just like that guy.. a hypocrite :(

If yuo have that Lakshya, no matter what happens, you would strive to attain that..just like Michelle McNelly did in Black.She took twenty years to become a graduate and then she could finally say "Aaj main garv ke sath keh sakti hun ki main ek graduate hun!"

Hope I could also say when my Lakshya gets fulfilled " Main ek graduate hun!"


  1. u wil surely find ur lakshya..!
    don worry..!

  2. I found a reference to the word 'Laksya' and 'luck'; that they are linked way back in the proto Indo-European period but have unfortunately lost the reference now.

    Does anyone else know of this etymological connection?

    Its also interesting to note the correlation between the Roman, Greek and Hindu goddess that seem to be relations! Tyche, Fortuna and Lakshmi.

    ("Apologia for the panTheon" is my work)


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