Monday, June 29, 2009

Idiot of first order..

Akshay Kumar says
"I don't want to get into logical films... I am happy doing films where one can keep discussions around logic at home"

Has he ever done any logical film as yet? I have never liked his slapstick irritating films.. I somehow never feel a craze for an Akshay Kumar film.. some of my friends go berserk for his movies.. I don't know why? Perhaps the above statement is why I do not like him.. most of our films are illogical however there are some exceptionally good quaity cinema has been coming for the last few years that we can be proud of..

And then he cribs he doesn't get best actor awards and even if he does win, he returns to the more deserving candidate making a mockery of the jury, these are not your awards that you can give to anyone although grapevine has it Akshay was miffed at Best Actor Popular category as he wanted Best Actor!!

Illogical films.. I hope Kambhakht Ishq flops! Idiot of first order..

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