Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gandhi : An Epic Masterpiece...

I watched Gandhi today by Richard Attenborough and it is an epic masterpiece. Ben Kingsley as Gandhi has given a stupendous performance and as soon as I finsihed watching it, I knew he must have got the Academy Award for his stellar performance.This is one of the must watch films and everyone should watch how a man almost single handedly helped India to achieve independence without any violent means. We, as Indians, perhaps are too used to the sainthood status that we see more of his flaws but he will remain an icon for the entire world. There are many movies that have been made on Gandhi but I would rate this as the best without any doubt. Somehow, I did not like Lage Raho Munnabhai at all. I don't know why but it was too caricaturish (if this is the right word? ).

While reading some reviews on imdb I came across this comment:

For those who keep mentioning that Kingsley is "English," well, yes he is, but he is also "Anglo-Indian." His father is from India. In fact his father was born in the same small sea-coast town as Mahatma Gandhi! While filming the movie in the small towns of rural India, there were those older people who actually remembered seeing the original Gandhi who collapsed in shock when they saw Kingsley in his makeup. Hundreds became convinced that he actually was the Mahatma, returned! Also interesting is that Kingsley was born just after the asassination of Gandhi. I mean that's just a tad spooky, no....?

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