Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Disco dance karenge Shava! Hum to gentleman hai Shava...

Have you heard folk songs especially Punjabi folk songs? I simply love them..they are so beautiful..the songs are naughty and bring out the fun element..I am not able to understand the lyrics at first..only after repeated listening and with the help of mom,I am able to understand tidbits of what it is saying :) but somehow, we are losing this heritage.. only our daadis/naanis know these songs but what will happen after them..how do we preserve this when we can not even converse in our mother tongue? it is this diversity that makes India so culturally rich.. anyway I love this song from monsoon wedding called Madhorama pencha.. just see the excellent video॥I tried to find the meaning of lyrics from mom and also the internet..it is so cool..watch it :)
The song is about Madhorama and what kind of bride he wants..just like the song jiski biwi moti from Lawaaris where Amitabh Bacchan plays a transgender..
The parantheses denote the meaning of the songs :)
Madhoram Pencha Veran Kedi kariye ( Madhorama pencha, which girl should we pick?)
Shava Vera Kedi kariye (Which girl should we pick?)
Madhoram Pencha Ve Hun Toh Moti Kariye (Madhorama pencha, now let's pick the fat one)
Moti Run Di Ki Salia Ki Salaiye (what will we do with the fat one? )
Kali Manja Male, Darda Nede Ave (she takes up the mattress all on her own, her fearful husband doesn't come near )
Dooron Pakhiyan Chale (batting his eyes from far)
Isko Khadi Rain Do,
Shava Hum Toh Aur Karenge, (we'll pick another)
Shava Isko Chhod Chalenge,
Shava Hum Toh Babu Log Hain,
Shava Shava Sha Jawani
Shava Jawani Badi Mastani,
Shava Bude Pa Bada Laneti, (?????????)
Shava Main Koi Jhoot Boliya,
Koi Na Main Koi Kufar Toliya (did I look for bad thoughts )
Koi Na Koi Na Koi Na
Madhoram Pencha Veran Kedi Kariye (Madhorama pehncha, now which girl should we pick?)
Shava Ve hun Gori Kariye (Madhorama pencha, let's pick the fair one )
Gori Run Da Ki Salai Ki Salaiye (what will we do with the fair one?)
Yun Makhan Da Pehda (she's like a pat of butter )
Gori Chadh Chobaare Suti (she climbed up and sleeps upstairs )
Aashiq Chautha Gehda (her lover keeps waiting)
Isko Le Chalege, Shava
Humko Yahi Pasand Hai, Shava
Hum Toh Byha Karenge,
Shava Disco Dance Karenge, Shava
Hum Toh GentleMan Hain,
Shava Shava Sha Jawani
Jawani Badi Mastani, Shava
Bude Pa Bada Laneti, Shava
Main Koi Jhoot Boliya,
Koi NaMain Koi Kufar Toliya
Koi Na Koi Na Koi Na
Bule Bule Bule


  1. love this post... jiski biwi moti..sob :(

  2. God, u took so much pain in finding meaning n then to write it too....gr8

  3. You could have asked me :-P
    I have grown up listening this song :D

  4. "Shava Bude Pa Bada Laneti" its budhepa and no bude pa :-P
    It means old age and the line means that old age is very miserable


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