Friday, June 19, 2009

Cut off - From Reality...

The cut off list for St. Stephen's College has been released and I cannot believe it. Have a look!
Economics (Hons.)
Science 95.75 % BFS Commerce 97 % BFS Humanities 95 % BFS
History (Hons.)
Science 95 % BFS Commerce 97 % BFS Humanities 91 % BFS
English (Hons.)
Science 96 % BFS Commerce 97 % BFS Humanities 92.5 % BFS
Philosophy (Hons.)
Science 84 % BFS Commerce 96 % BFS Humanities 85 % BFS
B.A. Programme
Science 94 % BFS Commerce 96 % BFS Humanities 88 % BFS
Mathematics (Hons.)
Science 94.5 % BFS Commerce 94 % BFS Humanities 82 % BFS

It is shocking. 97% for getting admission into a college. Whose fault is it? Frankly,I don't know. The students do their hard work and put in their best. The Board has become more liberal in awarding marks, to ease out the pressure on the students. The Colleges take out their cut off list according to the applications they receive. Where are we heading that a student getting even 96.75% marks has to sit out? I think it is Class 12 Board system that needs to be evaluated. The CBSE should not be that liberal in giving cent per cent marks in subjects like English! What we require is not mindless rote learning.

I know a person W. He is supposedly called 'intelligent' on the basis of the marks he scored. He scored 95.4% in his Class 12 examinations. PCM 95 % & BFS 95.75%!! Everybody was so shocked when they heard it and always used to say that IIT is a cakewalk for him. Now, what happened in IIT exam? He didn't even qualify for the Screening test, let alone cracking IIT!! AIEEE a terrible rank of 20,000!! and DCE a rank of 880. Everyone was like how could he get such low ranks. It happened mainly because of his poor analytical skills. He sucked at common sense and logic. Somehow, got through DCE. Given the rote learning culture in the college, it was not that difficult. Time came to give CAT. Again, everyone thought it is a cakewalk for him to get a good percentile. So, what happened. QA and VA were fine but in DI he sucked terribly getting a disastrous percentile score in that section. For the uninitiated, DI means Data Interpretation which involves common sense and everyday logic. So, this proved that the marks we score are absolutely not the right way to measure a person's capability.We need to bring some change to our strained education system if we want to keep pace with the world. These bizarre cutoffs won't mean anything if we do not tap the right student for the course.But I don't see anything changing as of now.India needs a big change!

P.S.- W is no one but yours truly :(


  1. yup.. i knew who W was.. :)
    and this person really inspires me :) :)he will go really ahead in his life... i know that :)

    i totally agree wid u.. and plus there are reservations for some classes.. as in..stephens mai its in 60's for cristians $OBCs... so sad na..!

  2. But W can crack any interview he would ever go for
    Anyone would be blessed to have a hard worker like him on his team


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