Thursday, May 19, 2022

Happy Birthday—35

Today is birthday number thirty-five. Time for the customary annual post. I have written a post, even if it is just two-three lines, every year on this day. Life has been eventful and uneventful for the past few months. I have been a little occupied with work things; therefore, I have been slow in other things. As the mind is busy with a particular set of things, it is challenging to switch contexts. I wanted to finish many things by this time, but, as we know, it is the life that makes plans for us and not the other way. I also want to read and write more, so, trying to make a schedule for that. Rest all is the usual me. I will be back soon. 

Picture from today: I indulged in sugary food after so many months. Some days, it is ok to pamper yourself. I titled this one Hope and a Litte Sugar (inspired by the title of a film by Tanuja Chandra, who also started following me on Instagram, quite randomly).
"The tragedy of life is that it gives us wisdom only when it has stolen youth. Si jeunesse savait, et vieillesse pouvait!—"If youth knew how, and old age could!"
― Will Durant, Fallen Leaves: Last Words on Life, Love, War, and God


  1. Belated Happy Birthday 🎉🥳 May God bless you 🤘😌🤘

  2. Happy Birthday Pankaj. I turned 35 the day before you, definitely feel that youth has been stolen from me but wisdom is yet to be found. Hope your wise insights continue into your 35th year.

    1. Happy Birthday to you as well, Shama. I feel the same but hopefully wisdom finds us soon. :)

  3. Happy Birthday ! Enjoy your day. Life really starts at 35.


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