Saturday, September 1, 2012

Of Mast, Pulao and To Rome With Love...


Long time no see..

I have some things to write about but maybe I should not write them..I do not have anything interesting to write about..

So classes have started. A month already in the US. Classmates have started to call Pankaj properly instead of the the so many variations - Panka, Paankaaj, Paanaaj, Bankaj etc.etc. I went to get a haircut today and paid $12 for it. Seriously Rs. 650 for a hair cut! Kahan Rs. 25 aur kahan Rs.650. And it is the first time got a hair cut by a woman..for the last twelve-thirteen years, I have always had a cut with only one bhaiya..guess he would be wondering where I'd go. He has literally seen me grown up. 

During the week, we had to make five slides on our selves and talk about it. I hate speaking about myself in front of others, in fact, I hate public speaking :\  I am such a terrible speaker, get so nervous that my voice starts quivering. So I made five slides on myself..about how I am as a person and what I want to do in life (we had to answer this if I know it..) Talked about the same old things that I keep on repeating to read, write, news addict, film criticism, quote collection..also added two three quotes from Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy which everyone liked :) While I was speaking, I got nervous as always :( But in the end, got the feedback that I am a good public speaker. Professor said you tend to speak with your hands, which is a good thing. Seriously, I fumble so much while giving presentations :\ 

I don't know why but for some reason I am constantly thinking of Mast this week. No not Masti..but Mast. Aftab Shivadasani's first film, also starring Urmila and directed by Ram Gopal Verma. Howsoever, unreal and cheesy it was, I loved Mast. Mast is the story of Kittu, played by Aftab, who is madly in love with a film star Mallika, played by Urmila. His desire to meet her is so strong that he runs away from home to meet her. By the turn of events, he kidnaps Mallika and brings her to his home. Mallika also falls in love with him but she thinks that Kittu loves Nisha (played by Antara Mali), so she goes back. But Kittu tells her that he loves her and not Nisha. I loved Mast because of the charcters. Nisha, played brilliantly by Antara Mali, lets go of Kitu inspite of her sheer love for him because she understood Kittu had always been in love with Mallika. She was heartbroken but dealt herself with grace and poise. Mallika also understood the fact that though she herself loves Kittu but she shouldn't come in between Kittu and Nisha. That is how love is no? see happiness of the other.  It takes great courage to let go of things and very few can do this with a dignity. Whatever the box office performance, I loved it. Mast also exemplified the hero worship that we have in Indian cinema. We love our stars and are mad about them. Just look at the Salman phenomenon. Interestingly, it is rumored that Ram Gopal Verma was fascinated by Sridevi when he was young. He has tried to show his obsession of Sridevi in the movie. Talking of Sridevi, I cannot wait for English Vinglish. I hope it is awesome :) 

Mast also reminded me of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. In one of my favorite scenes in the movie, Malhotra says to Tina that "Rahul ki jagah aur koi hota tabhi mujhe shayad itna hi bura lagta..kyunki tumhara pyaar bant jayega na." Tina says to him, she isn't sure that Rahul loves her because she thinks Rahul and Anjali like each other. Malhotra says that the whole college knows that Rahul and Anjali are just good friends. Isn't this very similar to Mast? And in another awesome scene, when Anjali throws her red dupatta to Tina, she says "us din mujhe yeh ehsaas hua ki shayad main do doston ke beech aa gayi. Anjali ki khamoshi mujhe sab kuch keh gayi." What if Tina had got to know of Anjali's love for Rahul earlier? I think Tina would have left too. Ain't it? It's fascinating these characters who understand

And, I cooked Pulao this week and sent pictures to all my friends :D Internet pe sab kuch milta hai aajkal..I was trying to take some pictures like the ones Sidin Vadukut posts but alas I am such a loser :\ He posts such amazing pictures of food. I think food photography is another fine art. Just looking at his pictures can make your mouth water. 

I am learning to use the manual mode but am not able to keep the camera steady at low shutter speeds spoiling them :\ 

And Woody Allen is back with To Rome With Love. I had absolutely loved Midnight in Paris. Even in my presentation, I spoke about it that it is my favorite film with so many references and probably the best art direction that I have seen in a really long time. And as always cosmic connection theory comes into play, some body on my timeline put this trailer of To Rome With Love. Woody Allen is a genius. I loved the trailer and I am sure the movie would be great too. I have to watch it now. And I have to watch Barfi as well :\ 

I have nothing good to write this week you see..there are so many things pending but don't feel like doing them :\ Anyways, will try to write something better next week.

Dialogue of the Day:
कुछ कम रोशन हैं रौशनी, 
कुछ कम गीली हैं बारिशें, 
कुछ कम लहराती है हवा,
कुछ कम है दिल में ख्वाहिशें, 
थम सा गया है ये वक़्त ऐसे तेरे लिए ही ठहरा हो जैसे..
    - Kuch Kam, Dostana


  1. Barfi has some credit connection with SPJIMR...please see the movie end-to-end to know that :D :)

  2. u write so well Pankaj...few lines seem as though coming straight from the heart..very nice


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