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Of Judaai, Fighting, Rockstar, Can People Change, and Iktara..

Long time no see..I have so many things to write about..don't know whether I will manage to write about them  or not..

A few days back Raj Kanwar passed away. Raj's film Deewana marked the debut of Shah Rukh Khan. He was also the one who gave a chance to Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta to help them gain a foothold in the film industry through his film Andaaz. And of course, he also directed films, such as Laadla, Jaan, Dhai Akshr Prem Ke and Judaai. So this week all my thinking time has been devoted to Judaai. Oh I loved Judaai! Judaai was preposterously funny. You remember that girl who played Johny Lever's wife had only one same dialogue in the entire film 'Abba Dabba Jabba' which is now the stuff of legend. Paresh Rawal's constant habit of questioning people and Johny Lever's hilarious acting still has me rolling in laughter. But I digress as always.

Judaai had a ridiculous story. A rich woman falls in love with a married man and offers to buy him from his avaricious wife. Think of it in real life, would any man with even some self respect accept this..he would throw both the women out. But what is Hindi cinema without ridiculous plots. And people like me love such ridiculous plots (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi another case in point and have many many more to prove it!). Now, there is this scene in the movie where Raj (Anil Kapoor) asks Kajal (Sridevi) to put a teeka on him as he never leaves home without the teeka. Now Kajal has her hands full of mehendi so she asks Jahanvi (Urmila Matondkar) to do the honors. But her hands were full of mehendi as well, so seeing this Raj proceeds to leave without the teeka and says ek din teeka nahi lagaunga to kuch ho nahi jayega. Sensing the disappointment in Raj, Jahanvi puts a teeka on his head without spoiling her mehendi. And how she does that? By pressing her forehead onto his forehead so that the teeka (bindi to be more precise) on her forehead would leave an impression on his as well. He finally gets a teeka  and leaves. Wow! I loved that scene. How do film makers come up with them no? That scene clearly showed that when you really want to do something, you will find a way to do that, no matter what comes.

I couldn't find that scene on the Internet but below is the climax of the movie where Kajal finally realises her foolishness and asks for forgiveness and asks Raj if she can put teeka on him one last time. I loved the climax. A pregnant Jahanvi leaves for the US and she says she was actually the bigger culprit who incited the greed in Kajal and she should pay for her sins as well. And like I was discussing with J, my neighbor in office, that you cannot force somebody to love you, Judaai showed it yet again. Incidentally, Judaai was the first film that got the Filmfare best scene award in 1998, I couldn't find which scene it is, I do hope it is the teeka one. 

Judaai was also the last film of Sridevi when she was pregnant with her daughter, who, co-incidentally was named Jahanvi as well. Well, Sridevi deserves a separate post - a super actress..loved her in Mr.India (just watch the song Hawa Hawaai and you'll become a fan) and Chaalbaaz. And I still haven't seen Sadma completely :(

Ok..the second thing. I got a reject (actually wait list) from a university I had applied to. I was a bit taken aback and was upset over this. But you know I am fine with it. It's not the end of the world. I will fight it again. I know this is very unlike me, who gives up somewhat easily. But I have been getting some inner strength that I am not the one who gives up easily. I have fought my way in life till now and I will fight it again as well. Come what may, I am ready to take up the challenge again. Main peecha nahi chodunga

I read so many inspirational quotes, I put here those quotes because I agree with them. And will I give up so easily? Won't that make me a hypocrite? You do the best you can, hope for the best and keep fighting. I know I have a very difficult life ahead and I am prepared for it. It's fine..and as Sid says to Deepa in Dil Chahta Hai, haath me thaami mitti ko jitna pakadne ki koshish karoge, utna hi woh haath se nikal jayegi. The more desperate you are, the more disappointments you will face. And I am not desperate.  I am a fighter :)

And this week, Whitney Houston died. I am constantly listening to her song I will always love you. What lyrics ya. A break-up song. What lines these..
Bittersweet memories 
that is all I'm taking with me. 
So, goodbye. Please, don't cry. 
We both know I'm not what you, you need. 
And I will always love you. 
I will always love you.

And also this week, Adele won six Grammy awards for her album 21. Oh come on, she is just 21 and she gives the feeling that she has gone through so much in life. When I look at her, I get reminded of this brilliant line from Rockstar - toote hue dil se hi sangeet nikalta hai. Fits perfectly on Adele no?

And I am addicted to Modern Family! I have watched about 20 episodes of Season 1. And I love it. It is about 3 families in modern day America - a traditional American family (a husband, a wife and their three kids), a multicultural family (a 60-year old husband, his young Colombian wife and his stepson) and a different family (a gay couple and their adopted Vietnamese daughter). It is not a typical TV show but a mix of everything - comedy, drama, plots, and above all emotions. Each episode tries to say something about  life..not gyaan..but things you will be forced to think about. About how we are. I love it. And Manny is my favourite character. He is just 10 years old and can woo women like a 20-year old! He thinks his mother is unreasonable when he says he wants to go around out with his teacher. Haha! I love him..very smart he is. And there is another kid character - Alex. Very very smart. She tells her dumb brother that an iPod can be charged if he puts it in his mouth. Hehe. I absolutely love smart kids. I know kids should behave their age but smart kids are so much fun :)

There is this amazing line from Modern Family. It was about can people really change from the way they are? It said:-

Can people change? I don't know. People are who they are. Give or take...about fifteen percent. That's how much people can change if they really want to. Whether it's for themselves or the people they love, yeah, it's fifteen percent. But sometimes, that's enough.

I also agree that people can't change. It is very very difficult to mould yourself into a totally different person. What you are is a sum total of many things - your upbringing, your social conditioning, you experiences in life. It is very difficult to unlearn what you have learnt all life and then relearn. Unlearning and then relearning is more difficult than learning for the first time. That is why kids learn easily! Ya but as he says, 15% is the maximum people can change and sometimes that's enough.

I still have about two-three more things more to write about but I will do that next time.

Dialogue(s) of the Day:

You are right Sid...mujhe hi kuch dikhai nahi deta - Wake Up Sid

Main to kisiki hoke yeh bhi na jaani, rut hai ye do pal ki ya rahegi sada - Iktara, Wake Up Sid

And I love this pic.

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