Sunday, October 16, 2011

Of High Honors and A's Mail...

So long time no see :( The thing is for the last three weeks I have joined back office there has been humongous work :( I have have been working even on weekends and the thing is I have become very slow also. I don't feel like working as there are so many things going in my head these days :{ 

Anyways, you know this week I got an award as called R&R (Reward and Recognition) for this particular quarter. I had told about that 5 month long project that I had done with A. For that particular project, I got this trophy and a cash card of Rs. 5,000! Actually in our company, every quarter these awards are announced for people who have done some great work! So from my unit, I got this time. It was totally unexpected when S called out my name in front of the entire office and said certain things about me. I was so embarrassed as I just wanted to go back to my seat as soon as possible (as H said to me "your expression said just shut the fuck up and let me go back"). I am not very comfortable when I am in the limelight. S said about how dedicatedly I had worked on this project for such a long duration. Frankly speaking I think I got it because of the duration of the project. I mean I did not do great work in it, I did what I was asked to do. If I had not done it somebody else would have no? Maybe even better. The project was super tough and required a lot of re-work! I mean I used to make 15 slides and then one number changed all the slides and then go back to them and again re-do them! But I did not give any ideas on how to go about it. It's only due to A and S I got this.

Anyway, after that I sent a thank you mail to A.. this is what I wrote:

Yeah A as you know I am not very good with words. Today when S was saying about me, I just did not feel good because deep inside I knew that I don't deserve this. I am not buttering you and all but honestly I just did what you told me to do. H and aapne jo bola maine kar diya. If I had not done it, some body else would have done it no? Rather I should be thankful to you for giving me this opportunity. I have seriously learnt a lot from you. You know ever since my first ever project with you two years back (when I had no idea about anything), you suggested me so many things such as making excel file for sources, attaching PPT file in the mail, making mail folders in your inbox, I still remember all of that and even in this project I have learnt a lot..seriously a lot. I will just say Thank you so much for everything and apologies for anything. I am a very reserved person, but you know I had written about our meeting in my diary sometime back and I will like to share it with you and again say 'Thank you' as I sad that being praised for the only thing you have is a bit emotionally overwhelming.

And then also sent him the post where I had written about my conversation with him. (This link)

And you know this is what he replied:

Pankaj, I will keep my reply short and simple (we have already exchanged the pleasantries a lot of times :) :) :) 

First, I did nothing to get you that award, it was just your hard work. And don't worry about the part that you did what we asked you to do - it is equally important to execute the ideas than just come up with it. You did a good job there :) - and now I am saying no more about the project!! :)

Second, it is a pleasure to know that you think of so highly of me. I did some of it (I will be modest :P) but not so much :P. Appreciate your kind words.

Third, I felt really touched upon reading your mail. You make me believe that I can be a good mentor too (never looked at that way here though outside I have been doing this long) - good to know. Thanks a ton.

Last, go get your dreams. No one expects you to be a Warren Buffet or a George Soros - just live a typical life. Peace is more important than money. Go give your best shot to this opportunity.

A :)

You know the sweetest part of the mail? In the end,  he wrote Cheers A!!! As you know I never write names of people here, but only the initial letter. So in the mail I had written 'Of Conversation with A', instead of his name, he also replied me by saying Cheers A (and not his full name). I liked it :) More than the reward, what matters are these small things..haina?

Now office tomorrow..please deliverable chale jaye theek thak :( Will write more later about many many other things...


  1. Congratulations!!! You deserve it! And now stop feeling bad and enjoy it!!!...:-))

  2. Congratulations...i always told you that you deserve more....really happy for you. its always refreshing to read your have a unique combination of humility and panache in your way of it a lot. Hope life's treating you well...i sometimes miss our random cab chats...Cheers, R

  3. Kya baat!! High Honors :D

    Way to go yar.. And don't think so low of yourself - not everyone can work hard - patience and perseverance to do it is not very common...

    Hope you get many more such awards :)


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