Sunday, September 18, 2011

Of God and Unselfish Love...

Today Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam was coming on Sahara One! I think I need to watch all my favorite movies again because every time I watch them I learn a new thing which I didn't see before. Been thinking about this stunning scene again and again! 

समीर: मैं मानता हूँ भगवान् सब जगह है..बल्कि अभी हम दोनों के बीच में ही है..
वनराज: भगवान् हमारे बीच में नहीं, हमारे अन्दर है.. 
समीर: अगर वो हमारे अन्दर है, तो हमे इतना दुःख क्यूँ देता है 
वनराज: क्यूंकि हम उसे तभी याद करते है जब हम दुःख में होते है और ख़ुशी में भूल जाते है.. वो हमे दुःख इसलिए देता है जिससे  की हम प्यार करना सीखे. और निस्वार्थ प्यार करने से ही हम उसके और करीब हो जाते  है..

Isn't this very similar to the concept of Tree of Life? How true is that ya!! Vanraj is too good to be true..almost utopian!

And see the colors? Sameer obviously a very colorful character is wearing a blue coat, and Vanraj who is more restrained and introvert, is wearing only black and white!!

And then there is this scene where Vanraj and Nandini both pretend to act like lovers so that they escape paying the ticket amount, when the station comes, Nandini's mangalsutra gets stuck in Vanraj's coat!! What a scene that is?!

Bhansali creates some brilliant moments. He is a rockstar!!

Seriously, I need to start watching movies again!


  1. but tujhe to Salman achha nhi lagta...fir yeh kya hai??

  2. I don't like Salman but Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam is my all time favorite movie :)

  3. Oh My God!! I am so much in love with this movie. It is one of my all time favourites. I make it a point to watch it whenever it is on TV.

    And yes, that train scene is the best scene of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam! I think that is the point when Nandini starts falling in love with Vanraj. Also, in this movie, I found Aishwarya and Ajay's on-screen chemistry much better than Aishwarya and Salman's.

    I can go on and on about it. Truly a masterpiece by Bhansali.

  4. all time favourite movie..true the second half of the film is mind blowing..there are so many scenes like the tram one, she being shot, and the Italian dance, Vanraj being drunk, and finally the climax where she says 'ek haath chuno'.. We can go on and on about this. Cinema at its zenith! Bhansali rocks!

  5. @H I study all day :{ Bore ho jata hun pad pad ke :( Isliye thora masala to banta hai :D


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