Saturday, September 3, 2011

Of Deepa, Sid, Tara, and Dil Chahta Hai

Hmm..Long time no see.. Finally my three week sabbatical has started. I am looking forward to it and not looking forward to it. So much work to do..anyways, vo sab to chalta rahega..

This past week I have been thinking of Deepa, Sid, Tara, Dil Chahta Hai only..and the more I think of them, the more I fall in love with them all over again. I have already written about how much I love Deepa (here). She was the best character of the film. The more I think about her, the more I am able to relate to her..Hell, I am obsessed with Deepa!

 I found about Sid as well..Now there is this person who has written about Sid's love for Tara so brilliantly that I have fallen in love with the guy or girl who ever it is ;) can any body write so so so so well..Just read the entire post here

And I am copying some things which are absolutely stunning. The brilliance of this writer as well Farhan Akhtar..I am more in love with Farhan! Here the author is writing about the song Kaisi Hai Rut and he tries to decipher the meaning of the song.. Just read this section!!

"No! I know! Tara is like a McCallister's Paint-by-Number I once saw!"

Tellingly, Tara is not actually present in any of these fantasies. A shooting star, however, does make an appearance. (Behind Akshaye.)

Whoa! Dysmorphia! Sid gets turned upside down (get it? geddit?!)...

And merges with Tara's hair.

She's like the moon to him. Heh. Heh.

OMG!! How did he come up with this thing????????

And here he talks about some bears on Sid's painting probably referring to her daughter. I have seen those bears in the movie but just could not come up that there could be any reason for them!! Shit!! Brilliant!

Tara's neck.

A FREAKING TEDDY BEAR WITH A PARACHUTE. Clearly Sid's artistic vision was acquired from his 10-year-old feminine side.

A little girl with a parachute. I guess that could be about her daughter.


And these expression on Tara!
What will she think?

Yaaaaa I have read that post about a 100 times in the last week.. I loveeee it..I have always wanted to write a book on this movie..I guess I will watch it again and then start writing my book on why it is such a mind blowing movie but I wish I could write like these people.

And in another blog by somebody, she has given such an amazing portrait of Sid (I lost the link) will fall in love with Sid all over again.. the blogger says that Sid is perhaps the best male character you ever saw in Hindi cinema..and she cites one character of his. She says that Sid is perhaps trying to find himself and is troubled from within. She makes this point because of the scene where Sid and Sameer are at Aakash's place and Aakash is saying to Sameer to become a man in front of Priya!! ;) all this while Sid was trying to solve the Rubik's cube!!! Shit!! It is so true..he was solving that cube, a reflection of his inner battle to find himself.. I want to observe such things ya :{ But I guess I will never have these :(

And one of the another bloggers proposed an alternative storyline for DCH. He writes

"Sid will continue to be in love with Tara. His love for her will be complicated because she is a cirrhotic alcoholic who's twice his age, and no doubt his (otherwise kindly) mother will object.
Meanwhile Tara is probably ACTUALLY falling in love with Akash, and I bet that Akash will find himself falling in love right will be the beginning of his maturation -- the first woman he has ever loved -- but he won't be able to share this monumental milestone with Sid because Sid will hate him because of it. After a vicious fight where Tara is forced to let Sid down gently he will go off to painting school and Akash will go to Australia to oversee his parent's business...there he will run into Shalini again, and now she will fall in love with him too. This will create additional growth opportunities for Akash, who will find himself rejecting this fleeting love affair that he once strived for, while at the same time deciding to reject Tara out of a sense of loyalty for Sid (who he hasn't spoken to for years due to their grudge...a grudge they both wish would end, but which neither has the fortitude to do anything about). 

Then, the distraught Tara -- rejected now by two men, since Sid will no doubt refuse to speak to her after she fell for Akash -- will drink herself into the hospital, which will prompt all three friends to finally reunite to see her. In a touching deathbed scene Tara will reveal to all of them that Akash refused to marry her because of his loyalty to Sid, and Sid will feel horribly guilty for rejecting and underestimating Akash, and Sid and Akash will put aside their differences once and for all and have another."

But I like Dil Chahta Hai as it is :)

Did you know there are three deleted scenes from the movie that are available on You Tube. I found a very very interesting one about Tara. Here is the one..

Tara wants to be happy like the bird. She feels trapped and wants to fly with her daughter or probably wants to die..  

I have so much more to write about the movie.. Will continue in other posts...


  1. I think perhaps you won't believe I haven't seen this movie even once and your "love" with this movie will encourage me to see it finally, ofcourse some day :)

  2. Pankaj I must say after going through ur blog abt DCH.....I watched this movie again and this time I am in more love with this movie. The minute details that you captured abt DCH were really awesome :)


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