Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Of Callie's and Arizona's Wedding :)

Callie and Arizona got married...yes, two females got married..I loved their wedding..so happy both of them were..I am so happy for them..Grey's is simply awesome. I have learnt a lot of medical stuff through the show..and the procedures they show are actually what happens in reality..the most brilliant thing about the show is that it portrays doctors as vulnerable and prone to make mistakes like we normal people..it doesn't create demi-gods out of them..I never had a fascination with doctors but whenever I see this show I want to be like them..so cool these people are..the show was also awarded by the LGBT community for showing these people in a positive sense rather than as sex crazy maniacs.. I think we should all slap Madhur Bhandarkar for showing homosexuals in such a negative light. Dostana was another cliched one..Hindi films have just one connotation of a gay - an effiminate man..it is actually offensive. I think the only sensible film to come out of Hindi cinema about the issue is My Brother Nikhil..a brilliant story of a budding homosexual (and not effiminate) swimmer who somehow gets AIDS..truly a masterpiece by Onir..
And another instance of cosmic connection - I have been thinking to put these images of their wedding and the day I watch this episode I read the editorial in HT talking about same sex marriages!! What a co-incidence! and yesterday New York legalised same sex unions!! It is something that I think will never be possible in India..Will write more about this..

And Bailey said while performing the marriage that she is witnessing some magic magic..it truly was..how happy Callie and Arizone were..I love both of them..such great doctors..and my current favourites are Teddy and Henry..hope they fall in love although they are married.. still miss George though..but have started to like April a lot..just look at the pictures..so touching :(

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