Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Groom's Blush and The Color of Marriage :)

I was talking about the pictures I took at my cousin's wedding in Dehradun है ना? These are the ones that I loved (and clicked). So here it goes..

Aah..the way he is was when everyone started singing 'हम तुम एक कमरे में बंद हो' :)

The serene one..

The side one..

 This one is a confused smile :)

 Again the blush :P this was probably when another leg pulling song was being sung..

And this is one of my absolute favourites.. all smiles :)

 And the 'आरती की थाली' ..

Another one..

 Again he is all smiles :)

Me also likes this :)

The flower close up..

 The side view..

The side view -2..

Another fav of mine :)

 Somewhat okayish..

 Red - the color that defines marriage - सिंदूर..


  1. Tu toh dulhe ke pichhe camera le kar paddh gaya hai - dulhan ne itna make-up kia hoga, uski tune ek bhi photo na kheechkar waste kar dia :p

  2. Camera nahi tha varna dulhan ki bhi hoti..

  3. I like the flower and sinddor close up pics a lot!!!


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