Sunday, March 27, 2011

Of Panjak,C, Stupid Seat Change, उर्दू शायरी and J's Resignation...

The past few days have been quite eventful.. a lot of things have happened..some good and bad!
As I have written before that there is some cosmo connection that whenever you think of something, it is some sort of co-incidence that you see it everywhere.. In my last post, I had written about World Sparrow Day and how sparrows reminded me of the story A Portrait of A Lady by Khushwant Singh (about his grandmother). I had written a post about my grandmother and I was reminded of her. Now in office while I was doing primary research for my project, a female respondent from the US, incapacitated by her inability to speak Indian names addressed me a Panjak,which instantly reminded me of my grandmother's way of calling my name Pangad :)
And in my this post, I had written about how my friendship with C has completely deteriorated and you know what C called me today!! It so happened that he had posed some pics on Facebook and I liked them.. I don't know whether it was a catalyst, he suddenly messaged me to send my number to him...I did and called me back. He is now in Delhi and asked to meet up.. I couldn't believe it.. It was after ages I talked to someone for over half an hour on phone but some how I felt it was not the same thing.. something was amiss...let's see how it turns out...
Also, my seat in office has been changed :( Apparently, some new joiners are joining and so to make space for everyone we have to shift on the floor below..What the crap it is!! I love my seat..for the last 1.5 years it has been my home..the place where I have spent the maximum time of my life after my can one be asked to leave their home suddenly?? that place defines me.. people say  यह पंकज की सीट है.. It is like I am being usurped from my home.. I am not very particularly fond of my neighbours.. I had been sitting alone for some time.. I can sit alone.. I talked the most to R and K both of whom left last year.. it's not the neighbours I am worried's just that I hate I have to start all over again :( Talking of usurping, you know the innocent people who the government chucks out in the name of development, I can totally sympathise with whining might be inconsequential to their humongous suffering.. It's an extremely scary thought.. The Land Acquisition Act of 1894 allows the government to compulsorily acquire private land for a “public purpose” provided it pays just compensation.. So can you believe that tomorrow the government might come and throw me out of my house because they want to make Metro station at my place? What will we do?? It's time to update these laws but unless Miss Mamata Bannerjee allows nothing can be done! I will protest any forced acquisition of land!! How can a family who has stayed at a place for generations be suddenly asked to leave? We are living in an unfair world! More on land acquisition here.

Meanwhile, I saw some fascinating snippets of the debate in the Indian Parliament over cash-for-votes scam. Sushma Swaraj (who these days is my favourite politician because of her sensible and logical views on every issue and the way she is on a roll, I see a potential PM in her but why oh why!, she again said that she will go bald if Sonia G becomes PM, get over it Sushma ji!!)  and Manmohan Singh shared some fantastic couplets in the Lok Sabha..
सुषमा स्वराज: तू इधर उधर की ना बात कर, यह बता की काफिला क्यों लूटा, हमें राह्ज़नो से गिला नहीं, तेरी रहबरी का सवाल है..
(Don't talk hearsay, tell us why the caravan was looted. we have no grouse against dacoits but it is a question of your leadership)
मनमोहन सिंह : माना की तेरी दीद के काबिल नहीं हूँ मैं, तू मेरा शौक़ तो देख, मेरा इंतज़ार तो देख (I understand that I am not worth your gaze, but have a look at my keenness, have a look at my anticipation for you)
It's charming which Sushma ji admitted!! It was nice that the PM showed some spine.. Nice couplet for flirting no? I want to learn Urdu! it is perhaps the only language that has no cuss words and it is sheer poetry! But where to learn Urdu!! In fact, I want to to learn so many languages - French, German, Chinese, Bengali, Tamil, Multani (my own language!) The picture is from Berco's which means Chinese according to the people there! Chinese is so bloody difficult!

Meanwhile, J also resigned this week. He wrote a beautiful post (the link is here) on his feelings post the resignation.. It is a very complex world.. the thing you have been waiting for years and when you get it, you start thinking of the things you are going to miss.. God really is strange..would have made man after so much thinking! Anyhow, J gave a treat at Berco's (the above pic is from there) today and it was very nice! I don't know when I read that post,it also gave me a very weird feeling..very difficult to put down in words.. Once again, a big shout to J for getting what you want..We all will miss you :(

I guess this is enough for today.. Will write more this week about another amazing movie (hindi movie that is!!) that I watched recently.. Till then..Adios!! Hasta Leugo!

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