Sunday, March 13, 2011

Of Losing Friends..

It's a really weird phenomenon. Like some cosmic connection. You know for the past few days I have been thinking about friends. On March 8, I had tweeted "time has made me lose out so many friends..I used to be a good friend to some of them.. and now I have lost them.." On Friday March 11, I was having lunch in the cafeteria and noticed two friends having lunch. I see them everyday. They have lunch together everyday. They were having Pepsi and seem to be having a good time.I was just thinking how good friends they are na! And today, Dil Chahta Hai was coming..the evergreen story about friendship..I mean whenever I have been thinking about something I see it every where or perhaps it may be that whatever you are thinking about, you notice that thing more so that you see it everywhere..ever since I have left college, I have become some what of a very bad friend. I always used to make friends that will be there with me for life but all of a sudden it is like I am losing those very friends..and it is me who is to blame for it all.. I hardly call any one and rarely meet any one.  I take so much time in making friends and there are very few people who I can call at 3 AM in the morning to help me out but it seems that I am losing them one by one. And add to the fact, I keep on finding flaws in them.. such a terrible person I am..ain't it? 2 months a friend had pinged me and I did not reply at all.. and ever since I haven't talked to him. I thought I will write a mail but you know time never comes.. And one of my friend's father expired.. I just got to know when I had ignored the message the day it was sent.. so bad of me...I don't know why it is happening but some how I don't feel like talking. And you know I am such a boring person, I run out of ideas to talk even with my friends leaving them even more bored of my company. And when I see updates of people on FB with their friends, I can't help but feel pity on myself. At one point I want to have super cool friends like V and K, but at the other end, I don't maintain my existing friends :( I really want to go to places like Kasauli, Bombay, Sikkim with friends.. Frankly speaking, I can go alone but somehow I don't want to..I miss you a lot C.. you were my only friend since I was five..why did you do this to me...what had I done..did I do something that hurt's almost seven years since we talked..I know things will never be the same again ya...I have moved on..and guess so have you..
I guess I went offtrack ya but ever since I have watched Dil Chahta Hai today, I am feeling lost..I will try to be a good friend..While searching for the pic,I found this one.. I love Deepa..wish they had put more of her as to what happened to her after Sid talked to her :(

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