Thursday, September 10, 2009

Of Old History Books and Grey's Anatomy...

Mary Alice in Desperate Housewives at the end of each episode says some thought provoking sayings. I have posted them a few of my favourites here in one of my earlier posts. It was raining since the last few days and I have been watching the rain all morning and enjoying the nip in the relaxing and the voice of Mary Alice pops into my head and makes me remember one of her sayings about human companionship. She says " Life is a journey that is much better travelled with a companion by our side of course that companion can be anyone..human beings are designed for many things but loneliness isn't one of them!"
For the last few days, I have been feeling lonely. And by lonely I don't mean totally alone. I have family and I have friends whom I can talk but it is not that. I didn't even call R on his birthday just messaged him so bad of me :..a lot of friends are online but I am mostly invisible..I have even stopped talking to myself which I used to = (don't call me mad! we all talk to ourselves mentally) but this feeling is a very creepy one. I am missing is like a void. I need someone with whom I can discuss movies that I like and can watch..someone who could come to watch the film festival going on at IHC..somebody I could talk about the wonderful character of August of English August...yes, of course there are forums on the net but still it is not that..
Anyways, I am also reading my Class 9 History book also..about the Renaissance and Reformation, the American Revolution, the French Revolution..the Renaissance period is fascinating and that is why I have put some of the paintings of that era on my blog..I plan to buy Class 11 and 12 history books for some more details..I really liked NCERT books of Social Studies..I know it is weird being a science student, how can I read about history, guess in a way I am still not sure what I really want from life..if someone asks where will you be doing 2 years from now..I have no idea..
Also I again started watching Grey's Anatomy religiously :) I missed the complete 3 Season last year,so I read the episode guide of Season 3 on :D ( Yeah! call me whatever you want) and now I watch Season 4 every Sat & Sun on Star World :) the songs they play at the end of episode are so good.. every time I watch it, it makes me teary eyed..last week, Lexie (Meredith's half sister) tells Christina that 'she has no one' so Christina brings her over to Meredith's to party.. yesterday they showed an episode on faith healing- is it really possible? Izzie, George,Christina, Miranda,Meredith, Chief...all are my favourite characters..I never wanted to be a doctor but seeing them makes me really want to be one..
Movie Updates- Not many..just watched The Sound of Music and The Queen..liked them both.. waiting for Wake Up Sid and What's Your Rashee...

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