Friday, September 18, 2009

Cowmputer :-D

Amit Varma, India's best known blogger, India Uncut fame, has now started tweeting here. This was one of his tweet on the Austerity Drive and the Twittergate controversy of Mr. Tharoor's cattle class remarks. Some of his other tweets read as:

What's the difference between Twitter and the Lok Sabha? Twitter allows 140 characters -- the LS allows 552.

In the land of the Cowma Sutra, how can anyone be lonely? ( Referring to the Newshour debate on Times Now where a Congress spokesperson said, those who tweet are lonely!!!!!)

I'm not lonely - I just like hanging out with cows and cattle!

There's a T-shirt slogan right there: I'm not lonely, I'm just on an austerity drive.

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