Friday, May 15, 2009

ThiNkiNg oF CrEaTiViTy...

You might have come across those funny Facebook quizzes. There is this one which says "Which profession do you belong to?". My cousin D got her result as "You belong to the Creative profession" and then she was lamenting the fact that why did she take take science as she ain't interested in it. I got the same result and she was surprised that how could I be creative as she thinks I am too scientific to be creative. Firstly, I wanted to tell her that I am not at all good at science. Scientists are such brilliant people who have the ability to question and tread a different path which sadly I do not possess :/ Secondly, even though I may not be a creative person, but her view of scientific people not being creative is absolutely lame. I think a lot of people in India even Facebook considers creativity as just singing, dancing, music,etc. Of course these are creative jobs but these are not the only creative jobs. One could be creative in almost anything one does. Even a simple power point presentation requires some amount of creative skill. Creativity is something that is innate and comes from within and it does no depend on the so called 'stream' as we put it. In fact, another cousin of mine Y who is a fashion designer from NIFT (and is a creative person) is from science background and I think it is more of an advantage than an obstruction to her as she could also incorporate scientific elements in her work which others might not be able to do. After all what is science? It is understanding of how life works.

It is wrong to associate creativity with such a narrow outlook as others think. Take another examples. A sofa-cum-bed. Isn't it creative genius to incorporate a sofa and bed in the same furniture item? Our cell phones' features- camera, FM, calls, GPS, mails- all in the same device.Isn't this creative? Playing even a cricket or tennis shot requires creative skill by the player. I am reminded of an episode of FRIENDS, where on Emma's first birthday, Rachel mistakenly orders a cake in the shape of a part of the male anatomy ( you know what I mean :P) and Ross used his ability to create that erotic cake into a bunny shaped cake!! Another friend of mine P who has this knack to write super funny status messages is creativity.Even the way my mom cuts salad in those zigzag patterns is creative. I could go on and on to prove my point. Anyway, how many times did I use the word creative in this post :P


  1. PS: 15 times creative
    and 4 times creativity :P

  2. ur best post ever..... :P :P
    loved it..!

    truly crative..............hehe..!!


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