Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Countdown begins....

Will you support me Madam?

I can't wait for results on May 16. I have not been so excited even by my Board Results as I have been for them. Have followed this election very closely but still can't predict who will win. All polls saying UPA has a slight edge over NDA but the gap seems to be shortening even as we speak bookies predict a NDA government. Let us see what happens after a day. But one thing is for sure the Election Commission needs to be congratulated for such a brilliant poll process. The world watches in absolute amazement! The Commission arranged for polling booths even for a single voter in places like Ladakh and Gir. It is a stupendous process and whosoever wins, the Election Commission is a clear winner. So, who will be our next PM. Just one day more! Eagerly waiting and excited..the bazaar begins...

P.S.- Did you hear Kapil Sibbal's poem on Times Now? It was super funny :P


  1. jisko maine vote kia woh hi jeetega :P :P

  2. Jeetega to vahi but uske jeetne se uski party ka PM candidate bane vo pata nahi :P

  3. Well UPA is winning as of now (counting is still going on) and by a huge margin i might add.
    Even i did not think this was gonna be such a one sided affair
    But it is good i guess. The people have spoken or the common man i should say, in a definitive manner.
    Lets hope the govt does an even better job this time.

    Singh is King again (if congress stick to their word)

  4. The Indian voter always surprises.. Cannot take him for granted..Now just hoping the Left and the SP don't come and spoil everything..


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