Saturday, May 23, 2009

Agar Main Kahoon...

It is the last days of college... everything is coming to an end finally on 1 june.. an uncertain future beckons :(

The weather was really nice yesterday afternoon..the wind was made everyone's shirts fly with it and everyone kept trying to tuck it in with no avail :D

Decided to play aankh micholi... it was superfun.. when it was my turn to catch people, I couldn't so being the good player that I am :D I took off the blinfold and caught K..hehe..stupid me..forgot all the tension and the worries.. others also played chidiya udd :D but I didn't feel like playing that...

While coming back, I listened to one of my favourite songs.. Agar main kahoon from Lakshya.. I just love the innocent lyrics..specially those lines when the girl says ..Mujhko bhoole se bhi chaand tum na kaho..chand mein to kayee daag hain..mujhe phool na kehna..vo murjhate hain..jugnu bhi na kehna..vo kho jaate hain..

Happy Birthday A... wish you all the best in life :)

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