Tuesday, May 19, 2009

19 May, 2009..the day I turned old :(

It is my birthday today :) I have turned 22 today! I don't want to grow up so fast, feel like a buddha. I do not know how to talk to people, how to express myself, how to behave like a 22 year old! sob!

Anyway, I got two testimonials for the yearbook and I loved both of them. So I thought of putting them today..no, I am not a narcissist but I just felt like putting them here.. Thanks to both V and S.

This is what V wrote :)

He is sense and sensibility personified. Talking to him is entertaining and tranquilising! He is very discerning, astute and sensitive. His innocent face doesn't give way to the fact that he knows the ways of the world. His sagacity is hidden by this a veil of humility and humour! He is great fun to be with. Caring and helpful. One should check out his blog for some food for thought. In this journey of life, the more hearts you win the richer you are, and I am sure he is going to be one of the richest! :)

S wrote a poem for me:)

At one corner of our class....

Sits a boy with great presence and splendid poise,

With heart of gold, he never goes loud

yet he stands out in the crowd!

To his diligence, we all salute

But ghissu title wont really suit,

A big movie fan & what a critic

Be ware Rajeev Masand,your job is at risk!

He reads, he blogs & his opinion eminently rocks

You just cant ignore him when he talks.

Smart on thoughts, immense talent imbued.

That's why he got through the smartest route!!

His perseverance and modesty is rarest of all

In future he shall stand bright up and tall!!!

So on behalf of entire crew

Hey Pankaj, best wishes 4 u!!! :)

Thanks a lot :)


  1. y u say "buddha"?everyone knws dat u r jus the best n young too.u knw all the ways of life.by da way happy bday once again....jus ROCK IT !!! :)

  2. Hehe.. but I feel like time moving very fast..:(

  3. u mad..!!
    itne acche din bhi why do u think d opposite way..!

    sad toh mujhe hona chahiye...itni saari books mai se i chose 1 book..and woh bhi tere paas honi thi???
    :( :(

  4. I know..and u know.. I am a complete pessimist :/
    Noooo... I love the book :)

  5. happy birthday Pankaj! n no one told me finally which book?

  6. The ground beneath her feet by Salman Rushdie :)


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