Sunday, August 21, 2016

Smell of Solitude

Getting sick for three days gives some time to ponder over things. The mind continuously moves from one thing to other. At one minute, I am thinking of the issue at work that is giving me a little stress, and the next minute, my mind wanders to the lingering silence of the conversation between Rosie and Suri by the sea side in Talaash that is wonderfully calming. I met a friend from college after nearly seven years recently. All the while, I kept thinking that she thinks that I am the same person that I was in college. I found that a little funny, and a little frustrating. Years go by, things change, and people change. A lot changes in a few days, and seven years is a long time. It is not any one's fault because the idea of a person is associated with the memories one has about him or her, especially when one has not been in touch at all. At times, I felt there was not much to say, and I was looking at my watch, waiting to come back. I don't know why I am writing something so obvious. The thing is I was really upset at something, actually at someone, whom I considered a friend. I felt hurt, and I can't stop thinking about it, so, I decided to write a post. I know it is kind of lame, and I have nothing else to write on. In Love Aaj Kal, Meera tells Jai that he needs to go away because she wants someone to replace him, and if he is in front of her all the time, she can never replace him. It is so true. And, then, I started thinking about The Lunchbox. There is so much underlying sadness in that movie. There is a particular scene where Fernandes realizes that he is old, and says his smell reminded him of his grandfather, and now his smell is that of an old man. The immense disappointment at the realization that hits you that time has been lost, and that opportunity will never come back again. Solitude is one of my favorite themes and I never fail to get astonished by the pain and the love that people carry in their hearts. There is a lot to learn from these people. I wish I had the capacity to be at peace with myself.  

Dialogue of the Day:
"I think we forget things if we have no one to tell them to."
—Saajan, The Lunchbox

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