Friday, July 3, 2015

Dil Chahta Hai—Deleted Scene 1

Trying to write on Dil Chahta Hai. Don't know when it will get finished. An excerpt on the deleted scene:-

The first scene is between Sameer and Sid at the sea side and appears to happen after Tara comes to know that Sid likes her. This can be deduced as Sid is wearing the same clothes that he had worn when he tells his mother that he loves Tara, who had walked in their house at that moment. In the scene, Sameer and Sid are talking about their future. Sid tells Sameer that he is leaving the next day, and might not come back. He says that he has too many memories associated with the place. Sameer reminds him that there are many happy memories of their friendship, too; which Sid says will always be there with him. There is a sense of gloom on their faces that everything seems to have changed in a span of one month; they were happy a month ago, and now, it seems that everything is ending. They are gazing at the sea and the waves are splashing on the rocks with force. The sound of the waves is in complete contrast to the calmness of the sea during their scene in Goa when the three of them are watching the ship. The surging force and the jolting sound of the waves serve as a reminder of their own turbulent relationship that seems to have hit the rocks. Earlier, all the three of them were present, but now Aakash is missing. Watching the ship sail by, they had talked about how they will be always friends always, but now, it seems that their friendship is on the verge of sinking. There is a fear in Sameer that whether they will be able to survive this, but Sid says that it is ‘bhaag do’, meaning second part of their lives, and he should take life in stride. He has Pooja with him now, who loves him dearly, and would make a great companion. It is again another beautiful scene in the movie that uses the metaphor of the roaring waves and the calm sea to compare it to the relationship among the three friends.

This is the scene. 

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