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And the award goes to...

I know that it is very late to write a post on the best films of the last year. It was only recently that I finished watching all the movies of 2013 as I am able to watch films only after theatrical release + 3 months. I still want to write my annual post on the films I liked. It is so hard for me to pick one single film that was truly exceptional. Each film has its own strengths, I cannot simply pick one. If I had to give out awards, I will also do what our film awards do — give an award to all deserving films in some category or the other, though my objectives are entirely different. These days awards are given to all so that stars can come and attend their ceremonies, but I give it to all because of the sheer love for the films. Anyway, what is the point of this spiel of mine, no? So, here it goes, in no particular order and completely random categories.

Kaanta Laga Shefali Zariwala Award for the Most Outrageous Item Song of the Year:
Hip Hup Hurrah — Mere Dad Ki Maruti

A bride dances in her wedding on perhaps the most risqué song of the year.

Jado hilegi meri hip karega
Hip Hip Hurrah

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu Award for the most path breaking climax of the year: I, Me Aur Main.

Yes, I did like the ending of a film which perhaps no one watched. A commitment-phobic man has a child from his ex-girlfriend, out of wedlock, and raises him. His present girlfriend accepts his child and his ex-girlfriend has no bitter feelings towards him. The film never judges the choices of these people, especially its women.

Award for the most gorgeous choreography:
I actually have three songs here.

Nagada Sang Dhol  Ram Leela

Colors, choreography, cinematography, co-ordination. Pure Bhansali. 

Gulabi — Shuddh Desi Romance

So so beautiful.

Badtameez  Dil  Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

What a performance by Ranbir. In some lifetime, I want to dance like him. What I really, really like about Ranbir's dance is that he enjoys his dance. Hrithik and Shahid are two of the best dancers in films today but their moves are so technically fine that they are bordering almost on gymnastics but Ranbir makes dance look like dance. Actually, the exact word is effortlessness. He is awesome. 

Award for the most underrated film of the year: Ghanchakkar

More on the film here.

Award for the most heart breaking character of the year:
Booboo from Gippi

Award for the film that I never really understood why people liked it so much:

So stalker-ish. Nothing really new except some fabulous music by A.R. Rehman.

Award for the funniest character of the year:
Choocha from Fukrey

Award for the most interesting concept that actually worked:
Zombies in Go Goa Gone. Kunal Khemu has some great comic timing.

Award for the best song(s) of the year:
Can there really be one song? A big no. These were my favorite songs of the year.

I like it more than Maanja

Award for the most profound conversation in a film: Ship of Theseus
The conversation between the monk and Charvaka.

"You say you're an atheist and at the same you believe in the concept of soul, which I think is rather convenient. I do not think karmic casualty is a reason enough for anyone to behave ethically. You know, that there is retribution of any kind, in this life or any other, it's like a weak man's hope for some cosmic revenge.

"I agree with you. It is very easy to believe in something out of fear and guilt. All ethics must be arrived at in isolation of religious beliefs."

"But are you able to practice that?"

"I hope I am."

"Contradictions and polarities are two ends of the same rope."

Award for the non-human character of the year:
Emu in Bombay Talkies

Award for the most bland hit film of the year:
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Award for the thriller of the year:
Madras Cafe

Award for the most interesting motif of the year:
Peacock and Raja Ravi Verma paintings in Ram Leela

Award for the vegetable of the year:
Brinjal —  makes an appearance in The Lunchbox and Ghanchakkar

Award for the most innovative and which meant something profound prop of the year:
Toilet and cold drink bottle in Shuddh Desi Romance 

Performance of the Year  Male:
Irfan Khan in The Lunchbox
Rajkumar Rao in Shahid

Performance of the Year  Female:
Sonakshi Sinha in Lootera
Deepika Padukone in Ram Leela
Rani Mukherji in Bombay Talkies (RANI FAN FOREVER)

Pankaj Sachdeva Award :) for the most insightful movies of the year:
Ram Leela
The Lunchbox
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Favorite Scenes of the year:
Chaudhuri Devi's speech in Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola

Desh logo se banta hai. Log yane samooh. Bheed. Bheed ka koi chehra nahi hota. Bheed ko chehra deta hai uska neta. To jo charitra mera hai, vahi mere neta ko hoga aur vahi mere desh ka. Jab main adhyatmik tha, to desh Buddh tha, jab main vilasi, to Raja Mihirkul, main kamzor pada to Sikandar, toota to Babar. Maine vyapar kiya to desh ghulam hua, aur baghi bana to aazad. Jab main aazaad hua to swarthi hua. Swarthi to bhrasht, bhrasht to dhanwan, dhanwan to safal, safal to pragativan. Desh ki pragati ke liye meri vyaktigat pragati anivarya hai. 

Brilliant, brilliant scene.

Pakhi's hauntingly beautiful letter in Lootera.

Sab kuch peeche chhod kar aayi thi, sab bhool jaane. Pata nahi kyun tum waapas aagaye, pata nahi kyun maine aane diya. Yun jab tum so rahe hote ho, main gala ghoot kar mar nahi dalti. Mazaa aa raha hai tumhe dekhar ki main kis halat me hun. Vo ped dekh raho ho, use raat din taankti rehti hun, jaise vo koi tota hai, ki zindagi ho. Roz uske patte girte hue dekhti rehti hun. Jis din vo ped nanga hua, jis waqt uski aankhri patti giri, main apni aakhri saans lungi. Yahan is haalat me la choda hai tumne mujhe. Yeh jankar shayad thodi sharam aaye tumhe jeene me. Mujhe pata hai ki tumhe kya farak padta hai. Tum usse bhi apne aap ko chupa loge.

I keep saying this dialogue to myself sometimes, and it is as if it has ingrained in me. It is beautifully sad.

The final climactic scene of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

I have already about this and I love, love, love this scene. It is the one in which Bunny comes and says that he is not going to Paris. "Na bol diya unhe, tujhe haan jo bolna tha", and then Naina starts crying. They talk about how they are going to work it out. We know inside our hearts that in a few years Bunny will get bored and he will want to travel again. Their relationship might not work out but at least they are giving it a try for now. Don't we all make compromises all the time? It is a victory of love and hope for now and whatever will happen later, will anyway happen. That is why I love this scene. I love this movie so so much. 

2014 has already had a good start with so many terrific movies already. I have to see them all soon. Hindi films forever! 

More later.

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  1. I love watching movies but you and baradwaj rangan have made me realize that how madly i am in love with movies, thanks a lot pankaj sir for writing this blog, i really love the way you look at them, no prejudice at all, everything you appreciate or criticize is backed with solid reasoning, keep writing, a big fan of yours, i am sure you might be earning a lot in seattle and happy with your life, but other than this blog indian cinema deserves your contribution, thanks a lot again. please work on film making please a request.(@fiteyaal) from twitter. and yes if you think doing a post on awarapan and gangster is worth, please do it, though they are un-original, they are among my fav movies, especially awarapan.


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