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More Love for Dil Chahta Hai, Ishkq in Paris, and Gippi...

Long time no see..

Finally finished watching Dil Chahta Hai slowly and slowly. I have noted down many new interpretations. Just that I have to now write a piece on it combining all of them. I don't know when will I write it though. That film continues to surprise me. One significant insight, however, I would like to mention. I think the leitmotif of Shalini's and Aakash's relationship was based on separation. I found it very fascinating that all the times when Aakash realizes he loves Shalini are also the times when he thinks he is going to lose her. So, the first time this happened was when they both were at the underground metro station. Aakash is able to catch the train but Shalini, somehow, is left behind on the platform. It was the first time Aakash probably felt some sort of vulnerability as if he is going to lose Shalini behind. Otherwise, given his funny nature, he would have laughed at the turn of events. The impatient way he tries to open the doors so that she could come in was perhaps the first time he, inadvertently, starts to care for her. There is a silent fear in the eyes of both as if they are going to be separated forever.

Running Away?

The second time this happened was during the opera scene. In the opera, Troilus is dead and he is standing at the gates of heaven pleading to God to give him a chance to meet Cressida one last time. Again, the feeling of permanent separation between the lovers in the opera makes Aakash realize the one person who he cannot bear to be separated with. As Shalini says, kaun hai vo jiske saath ek pal bitane ke liye tumhe hazaar maut kabool hai? Because the one person you love the most is the one you are most afraid of losing. It is no surprise he saw Shalini as his Cressida.

Shalini is his Cressida

The third time this theme of separation was shown was when Rohit turns up finally. Slowly and slowly, Aakash is in love but he refuses to accept it but when he realizes that Shalini is going to be married to Rohit, that he is going to lose her forever, he fights for her. He goes to her wedding and stops it because he just cannot bear the thought of being separated from her. He says, meri saans, meri har dhadkan, mere har pal me sirf tum aur sirf tum ho Shalini. She is his breath, his heart beat, his time and if she is not there, he would not survive being separated from her. We cannot separate a person from such important life functions, right? That is why I felt their entire relationship's theme was based on this feeling of separation. Love is not finding someone to live with. It's finding someone you can't live without. That was their basis and how excellently it has been portrayed.

Meri saans, meri har dhadkan :)

If we look more deeply, the absolutely brilliant song, Tanhai, also in some ways dealt with separation. Talking of Tanhai, it is a beautiful song with so many layers to it. I can write one post on the song itself. There was this scene earlier in the film when Shalini and Aakash are coming back from the opera and Aakash gives a jacket to Shalini because she was probably feeling cold. If you look at the song Tanhai, at one point, Shalini is sitting in her house and she crosses her arms because she is feeling cold. It was as if she is missing Aakash's jacket because it comforts her. Now she is all lonely and she is terribly missing him, his jacket. When she tries to get comfort by sitting in the sunshine (a metaphor for Rohit's parents), she feels trapped because all the windows are locked. She feels cold with Rohit but Aakash brings warmth to her.

The jacket comforts her 

Shalini is missing the jacket, feeling cold 

But sunshine (Rohit's house) makes her feel trapped

I can just go and on about it. I have to write that piece on Dil Chahta Hai soon. So much more to write. If only, I could write well :( And this scene is so so devastating. And the haunting background score.  


Rajeev Masand, yesterday, uploaded a video below. Here Ayan Mukherji talks about the one film that changed his life. No surprises for guessing - Dil Chahta Hai. No doubt both his movies, Wake Up Sid and Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani had shades of Dil Chahta Hai. If I have to say the one film that changed my life, I would also say Dil Chahta Hai. I absolutely loved one point that Ayan makes. He says, when he watched the movie he loved it but his parents did not like it. He then says, his parents not liking it gave him all the more reason to love it because he could own the film. I completely agree with the statement. If you love a film that you liked but others did not, you form a personal bond with the film. Perhaps it touched you in some ways, while others could not feel the same about it. I must admit I also sometimes feel jealous when someone praises a film that I also like because then I cannot call it as my own. That is why I am so jealous of people like Beth Watkins and Baradwaj Rangan because when they analyze a movie that I also loved, it makes me feel why the hell did I not think about it? It is my movie. I have to possess it :) Luck By Chance, Aishaa, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and so many more - howsoever, badly they have been panned, I love them and I own them. Because watching a movie is an extremely personal experience that depends on so many factors - even the company you are with. You just cannot generalize. Which are the movies that you can claim them as your own? What is the one film that changed your life? :)

One film that changed your life?

I also watched Ishkq in Paris. I love cheesy films. I was waiting to watch this film ever since it released. I like Preity and I also rom-coms. I thought it might be at least a good one time watch because my standards of liking a film are very low. When I was watching it, I really forced myself to like the film but I could not. The story is not that bad. It is just so so boring. Nothing really happens. Even at ninety minutes, it feels like hours. The emotional conflicts are not there and the ones that are there are so easily resolved that you wonder as to why were they making a big fuss of it. I was deeply disappointed. Production values are excellent. Just like a KJo film, not even a speck of dirt. Gorgeous Paris. Beautiful costumes. The legendary French actress Isabelle Adjani plays Preity's mom in the film and she also narrates the film. The thing that makes it worse is that her voice is dubbed by the same female who dubbed for Nargis Fakhri in Rockstar. It sounds very fake. The hero's voice is also dubbed by a different person. It sounds funny. The songs are pretty boring :( There are only two moving scenes which I really liked.

At one point, Aakash says to Ishkq, tumhe auron se nahi apne aap se dar lagta hai, jab bhi baat khud par aati hai topic change kar leti ho. Then Ishkq replies, akelapan, main akelepan se darti hun, darti hun ki kahin zindagi me galat faisle to nahi kiye, kahin apno ko dur to nahi kiya, kahin aisa to nahi ki puri duniya aage nikal jayegi ek din aur main peeche reh jaungi. Then Aakash says, yeh dar sirf tumhara nahi, saari duniya kai hai. It is so true no? How one scene in a bad movie gives you a solution of what you have been thinking the entire week?

Yeh dar sirf tumhara nahi, saari duniya kai hai

I also liked this scene when Ishkq breaks down in the hotel room and talks about her mother's life. It was very interesting that they both came and stood on the adjacent sides of a wall and started leaning on it. They both are emotionally fragile - she made so by the hardships of her mother's struggle and he made so by his parents' divorce and that is why they both hate marriage. When you share your life's deepest secrets with someone, you really need to be strong enough to let it out. It was as if the wall gave them this support and comfort to trust each other. Even in the above scene, when she talks about her akelapan, I really liked it that she moved a bit closer to him as if sharing her secrets has brought her emotionally closer to him as well. 
Wall of Comfort

Like it when she moves closer to him after telling her secrets :)

I wish there was some more meat in the movie. Rest whole movie is just bland.

In contrast to Ishkq in Paris, Gippi is a wonderful and a deliciously sweet film. I was smiling throughout. A story of a thirteen year old girl on how to deal with the turbulence of growing up - the most difficult phase - not yet an adult, no more a child. The amusing lesson on the human reproductive system in Class 9, the first crush, the hot chemistry teacher, the first period, the mean girls, the problem with being overweight, the lovable but slightly irritating younger sibling, playing FLAMES in class, making moustaches of actresses in magazines, discussing the meaning of the word horny with friends - Gippi is a short and lovely take on embracing your individuality and accepting the way you are. Director Sonam Nair creates some really wonderful moments in film, such as the one where Gippi's mom talks about her divorce because Gippi's father wanted someone who could speak English and dress modernly. She says with a slight trepidation and worry about her daughter's future, aisa aadmi dhoondna bahut mushkil jo tumhari sab kamzoriyon ko jaanta ho, aur phir bhi tumse pyaar kare

Lessons from Mom

There is another heart warming scene in the film when Ashish finds out that Gippi has a boyfriend. Instead of being heartbroken and making an issue out of it, he writes her a note saying that he has no hard feelings and he is happy that she has found true love. It is such a sweet letter that it breaks your heart when he crosses the word 'Love' and instead writes 'Best Wishes'. Such maturity in the characters. Contrast this with Raanjhanaas who would cut their wrists. Interestingly, Gippi is also in Class 9 studying in Shimla, so was Zoya studying in Class 9 in Banaras when Kundan stalks her. 

No hard feelings :)

In some ways, Gippi also made me really sad and empathize for its characters, especially Booboo and Aanchal. Booboo is Gippi's brother who has no interest in sports but knows the latest trends in make up and nail polish. He gets delighted when he speaks with boys, showing subtle hints of homosexuality. Perhaps he would turn out to be gay. At one point, when Booboo comes and consoles Gippi about her break up, she is so rude to him and says to him, tumhe to pata hi hoga boys ke bare me, lekin tumhe boyfriend nahi mila, kyunki Booboo ke paas boobies jo nahi hai. However, there is very little of him further. I think he would have to deal with bullies in school who would tease him. He would turn out to be like Sudo in Student Of The Year. I would really want to know what happens when he grows up. How does her mom deal with him? Will she give the same support she gives Gippi? I felt really sad for him. He has a difficult life ahead.

Booboo :(

Aanchal is Gippi's best friend who has stood by her always. She is not at all cool. She does not know how to dress smartly. But she is really intuitive. She knows how people will react. She understands people. She knows her shortcomings. When Gippi was about to win the election, Aanchal asked her to go with her new friends for shopping because she does not know how to be cool and she should not be seen with her. At one point, Sameera says to her and Gippi, na padai me acchi, na sports me, koi talent hi nahi hai, loser ho. I am like Aanchal in some ways. So uncool, a loser who does know not anything. I do hope Aanchal grows up and turns out to be a talented person, unlike me :( That is why Gippi really made me care for its characters because I saw shades of my own growing up. Growing up is really difficult and is emotionally troubling. I really liked the way the film handles this issue.

Aanchal :( 

But Ashish was a rockstar. He loves Gippi unconditionally. She does not give him any airs, so he accepts it and moves on. He should give a lesson to Kundan. He comes and says to Gippi, I think ladkiyon ko tumhare jaisa lagna chahiye, thora full full you know ;)

Ashish :)

Also, finished Shah Rukh Khan's book by Anupama Chopra. I love him even more now after reading his heart breaking story. He is just awesome. He has struggled so much to reach where he is. I hope he gets what he wants. Finished Brothers and Sisters and now hooked on to House of Cards.

It's been a long summer and it has finally ended. College starts again next week. A lot of things happened and things are still not what I wanted. But as always we should never leave hope :)

Have a lot to write. More later.

Dialogue(s) of the Day:
"Jab dil kisi ke liye rota hai na, to pyar ka pata khud bhakud chal hi jata hai."
 - Aakash, Ishkq In Paris

"Jo bahut hurt hote hain, vo khush rehne ke bahane dhoondte hain."
 - Aakash, Ishkq In Paris

"Pyaar na keh kar aata hai, na bata kar jata hai."
 - Aakash, Ishkq In Paris


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