Saturday, November 3, 2012

Of Work, Icarus Paradox, Rachel Dwyer...

Long time no see..

This past week was terrible and the next week is even more terrible in terms of work. Three assignments, two midterms, two full days classes before the midterms, class till 8, Chicago trip, and household work..I am already getting tensed how will I cope up. Didn't have the time to read even the newspaper..was just skimming through the news :\ When work piles up, I feel helpless and lonely. But what else can we do? :) Perhaps that is the purpose...

I don't have much to write though. I have to send mails to so many people. I haven't responded to their mail. U, M, A, A, C, R and D...I have to write a mail to M. I just keep on postponing. She sent me a long message on Facebook. She wrote such a beautiful mail that every time I log onto Facebook, I read that and shed a tear or two. Solitude has switched places with perpetual loneliness. Why can't everyone be happy? I wish people find real happiness, and remove the mask they wear. I just remember what Anuradha's mom told her in The Last Song Of Dusk, "in this life, my darling, there is no mercy." 

I am also trying to make peace with the tyranny of distance. Some say distance makes the heart grow fonder. But I think it is right when they say: Out of Sight, Out of Mind. The hardest thing is just to convince yourself. I will like I always have. 

I absolutely love organisational behavior class, in other terms, it is also called the human resources. It is more of psychology. This week topic was conflict resolution. How do you resolve conflict in a team? During the discussion, someone said that sometimes working with a rude and demanding boss, who ridicules you is good in a way, as he makes you tougher. Look in the military, people are so tough there because of disciplined bosses. Then someone pointed out that military has also the highest suicide rate in the world. People get so affected psychologically that they get emotionally stunted. I totally agree with this. I just cannot work with a person who mocks and ridicules continuously. Prefer to be direct in communication rather than adopting negative ways to motivate. But I love this class. I also learnt something called Icarus Paradox. More on that class later.

Icarus was a figure in Greek mythology who fashioned some wings out of feathers and beeswax to escape an island. So enamored of his new found ability to fly, Icarus ignored warnings not to fly too close to the sun. Upon getting close to the sun, the beeswax melted, his wings fell off, and he plummeted to his death. This tale forms the Icarus Paradox: The same thing that had made Icarus successful is what led to his downfall. In his overconfidence he had become blind to the dangers of flying too close to the sun.

And do watch this video. It is a discussion on the life of Yash Chopra conducted at Brown University. Barkha Dutt and Rachel Dwyer talk about him. Rachel Dwyer is one of the most respected voices on Hindi cinema. She teaches PhD students at Oxford University who are doing their thesis on Hindi cinema. Isn't it a fascinating thing that one of the experts on Hindi cinema is a foreigner? She writes such brilliant insights on Hindi cinema. I am seriously thinking of doing some course from her if possible. I will write to her. But the only thing that stops me is money. How will I make a living out of it? Can I teach cinema? Neither am I a good critic (think more from heart) nor a good teacher? So how will I live? I get withdrawal symptoms sometimes. I still don't know what I want to do in life but reading and writing on cinema comes very close. In the video, she talks about Yash Chopra (she has written a book on him), his life, his upbringing. I love the part of Silsila and Lamhe. She also says there were different Yash Chopras - one of the Dhool Ka Phool, one of Deewar and Kaala Pathhar, and the third of Darr and films after that. Barkha makes a fascinating point that his films were based on romance but in essence, they explored the darker side of love as well. Extra marital affairs, getting married to the wrong person, falling in love with your mother's lover. Rachel makes an equally fascinating point that his films made us think what would we do if we were at their place. In Darr, he made SRK a stalker and yet the audience was rooting for him. Brilliant. I love such people. I have seen only half of it. Will see it completely. Here is the link. 

Got to run...more later..

Dialogue of the Day:

Raj: "हे Simran, चाँद निकल आया "
Simran: “कहाँ ?”
Raj: “वोह देखो "

 - Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

P.S. Who would not fall in love with Raj? He is such a charmer.

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