Saturday, June 9, 2012

Of Finding Your 'Ehsaas'


I haven't watched any episodes of Grey's Anatomy for the last two- three weeks ever since the torrents have been blocked. However, its Facebook page posted this picture. Isn't it awesome? I love it..This reminds me when Monica said to Chandler, "Will you still love me if I get fat?"

I was just randomly searching for videos on YouTube and came across this gem - the climax of Wake Up Sid...

Aisha says:

Jab main Mumbai ayi bahut clear the mere goals lekin ab jaanti hun ki goals paane ki khushi tabhi mehsoos hoti hai jab use kisi ke saath share kar sako..ab janti hun Mumbai sheher se jo mera ajeeb pyaar hai vo actually us dost ke liye hai..vo bhi mera apna ho gaya sheher se bhi zyada apna.. Mumbai jitni khoobsurat hai utni hi sakht bhi..apni manzil ke peeche daudte hue hamari nazar kai baaton se hat jaati hai ..isliye kuch der ke liye hi sahi..apni busy zindagi se kuch samay ke liye hi apni nazar hataiye aur us special ehsaas ko dhoondiye jo apke sheher..aapki zindagi ko..aapke liye aur bhi khoobsurat banata hai...kya pata aapko bhi ek humsafar mil jaye.

The terrific video is here...

And as she says, apni busy zindagi se kuch samay ke liye hi apni nazar hataiye aur us special ehsaas ko dhoondiye..I seriously have been thinking of this but am unable to find anything :( .. People have a passion for a number of, music, read, food, dance, drink, talk, sports, photography, write, think, gadgets, technology, cars...I am indifferent to these things...When people talk about these things, I sit quietly..I seriously have nothing which I can say about myself...I watch movies but that too very selectively and not very often..then how will I find that special one :/ All weekends I just waste time at home..One has to cultivate these things since childhood..I will find one for myself soon.. :/

I was watching Indian Idol today and there were so many young people..17 years, 18 years...20 years..they come and say like it's their dream to be a singer..they have been learning music since 4-5 years.. and I am like how cool they least they have a passion. Indian Idol is an amazing concept. In a country like India, where, unless you have a godfather or a political connection, getting anything is very difficult, it gives hope to millions that they can reach the stars as well.  

And today was the French Open Women's Final. It was fantastic to see Monica Seles back after like ages. What a lady she is..reaching the top rank, being stabbed by a Steffi Graf fan, career coming to an end, suffering from depression and food addiction, losing father to cancer..and then making a comeback..what a story of courage and determination...I sometimes wonder how Steffi Graf would have felt..although she had no role in the stabbing, it was one of her mentally unstable fans who did this. It's a terrible thing...but after that Steffi Graf actually reached the top..what if the stabbing incident had not taken place..would she have reached such heights as she did? What if Monica had continued to dominate her? God really plays some cruel things with people...

And you know for the last few days, I have become so emotionally is like nothing can move me..It is as if I don't have any feelings.. It is a very weird feeling (metaphysics?)..And I don't want to write about we know when the going gets tough, it actually gets tough :/ But I try to be positive..I randomly told to A in office that humne na zaroor koi paap kiye honge pichle janam me, jo aisa hota hai hamare saath...and then she said..koi nahi, hum yeh sochte hain ki hamare paap kat rahe hain..isliye bhagwaan ka naam lekar  jhel lete hain.. :)

And Namita Bhandare wrote a very nice column in HT today about heroism. She says

"We confuse achievement with heroism and we should ask what it is that we are celebrating. Is it success, celebrity, wealth or is it some inherent human quality that touches us? Does the current adulation of Viswanathan Anand, for instance, spring from our understanding of his game and genius, our respect for his innate decency or does it come from the fact that he’s brought us sporting glory? When we say that NR Narayana Murthy is our role model do we wish to emulate his bank balance or his philanthropy?  Society needs heroes because they tell us how to live, they give us something to aspire to and they bring us in contact with our core values. But perhaps we also need heroes to reassure ourselves that we are still capable of goodness, that we still have values we want to pass on to our children."

Loved it..

Anyway, will write more later...have so many things to write..

Dialogue of the Day:

Tumhe aise kitne din yaad hai Roy, Your first job, pehla suit, pehli salary? Jab tumne ek ladki ko pehli baar chooa, pehli baar chooma? Jab pehli baar tumhara dil dhadka. 30 saal ki Zindagi mein aise kitne din hain jo tumhe yaad hain - 15 , 20 , 25, 30… 30 din hain na? 30 saal ki zindagi aur bas 30 din... baaki ke dino ka kya hua Roy?
   - Bluffmaster


  1. so what is the answer to your question Pankaj (will people still love us if we fail)...i was also asking myself this question this week

  2. btw....your blog is awesome (as always) write about so many things that people only discusses in hushed tones or try to hide (at least i do)...what motivates us, the waning passion and the fact that things fail to move us the way it used to (be it new crush/love, books or sports)...we have started compromising instead of following our dreams

  3. I think if someone loved you for the thing in which you fail, then the other person might feel something amiss because he/she actually liked you for that thing..but I am sure failing in something that is totally not under your control, love is not that shallow :)


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