Saturday, May 26, 2012


Long time no see..

I didn't feeling like writing..still feeling lonely..

Some things happened in office. About two weeks ago, perhaps the second time in my professional life, I confronted someone face to face. And I stood for myself. All those who were sitting were so surprised - A, A, J, and S - that I could react in such a way. But I needed to say some things...and as usual after that I felt so guilty that should I have said that? I also sent a message to J that I was angry not wit her but with someone else and that is why I reacted. She said that if at any time if you feel the other person is crossing the line with you then just let the other person know. But it's ok now. Let bygones be bygones. And the next day, there was an office party. I went to the party so that I can leave early from office on Friday. As usual I was so bored. There was no dancing also. Just drinks and talk. What can you talk in front of bosses? Was so so so bored that I sneaked out in just an hour after having a drink or two...have become an occasional drinker ;-). B got angry with me that I came without informing him. And then the next Friday, I got a good feedback. C and E, the people for whom I work for in the UK, on a call with the team that they were very happy with some of the responses that I sent out. So D came and told me that..he said that C had told the same thing last week also, so keep it up. And in case I forgot, I also accidentally broke A's phone as well. Was running with it to give it to him and it fell from my hands :/ And he didn't even take money :( And also for the last two-three weeks, I have seen true colors of some people. I failed to read some of them correctly. The ones who I used to think as good, I find them irritating now. Anyways, yeh sab to chalta H says that I always over-analyse people :/

Anyways, I also got the US Visa. I had got the admit in March but didn't disclose it until I was very sure. So, if all goes well, I will be joining the University of Iowa for the MBA program. I had planned something totally different. But life planning se chalti to baat hi kya thi :/ Did I want this? Partly..Am I really happy? Am not sure..Mom is not really happy. When I told J in office, he said if he had been at my place, he would be jumping with joy. And I was like I am feeling normal. As much as I try to convince myself, I am not really an ambitious person.Then why am I doing this? To find my own happiness..this is just a means to attain some someone as has rightly said..nahi dhoondoge to nahi milegi..Will I be successful? Will I find my inner happiness? That time will tell haina? And Mom has started to say some things through which I now know what all she has thought for me. I don't like it when she says such things.

I still have to write about so many other things. But don't feel like. Will write soon.

Dialogue(s) of the Day:

"Kyun nazar ke kinaare toote hain khwaab saare tu bata." - Bin Tere, I Hate Luv Storys

"Risk to spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai, main to phir bhi ek Salesman hun." -  Rocket Singh, Salesman of the Year 

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  1. Duno what your mom is saying, but meri wali to har baat pe senti ho ke bolti hai...kar lo fir kaha hoga yeh Mumbai me...mummy thodi milegi...main akeli ho jaongi :(


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