Saturday, May 19, 2012


25 Years!! In 5 years, it will be 30!
I am indifferent to my birthday.. I don't really feel that it is my day..It's just another day...

And then V put this as her status..Thanks ya...I don't know what to say..It's not true..Everyone is special...

The last 2-3 days, somethings have been happening..I don't want to write..I have become more conscious of what I write here..Maybe not telling the truth is also a form of lying...Let it be..

Anyways something terrible is going to happen to Lexie :( :( I loved this poster that was posted on Facebook! Noooo..Mark and Lexie have to be together!

Dialogue of the Day:
"Maine khush rehne ka faisla kiya hai."
 - Sona, Luck By Chance

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