Saturday, March 31, 2012


A long, long time ago, I started out as a thought in the head of the Universe. When we were sent on our way, it was with the understanding that if we did good, it'd be returned to us. And if we did what was not appropriate..well...The point is, if we perform the right actions, do our dharma now, we may receive its dues in this life. may be carried forward, bestowed on us in another life. Death isn't the end. Each life, well, think of it as bead after bead on some divine unfathomable necklace. 

But don't you believe in heaven? There be no Heaven and no Hell that I haven't lived through already and so I see now it is all here, the compassion we hope to receive and the cruelty we beg to escape. Right here. In my palms and on your soles. Over this room and beneath your bed. In some fundamental way, we all are in total control of destiny. Because destiny is what we build each day with our correct action. With our work, our dharma, with the actions that are in complete abeyance to the Law of our Being. That's precisely what makes it so crucial that you should never see you life in terms of one singular existence, but try and imagine as if it were like water. See that rain? Well, our life is like the water that tumbles out of the sky and into the stream. And then some day, the stream arches in to the river. Running with a mad fever, this river heads for the ocean. Where it rests and plays. But before you know it, that same bead of water will rise up from the ocean's chest and soar into the great old sky to become the cloud it came from...and so on, life starts over and over again. Thunder unfrees the drop, lightning announces its return and the earth sighs at its inception..oh, the old sky we all are here, and always the ocean will be.

Even love comes with own season...and relationships with their own kismet. They start through us and then love loves through us. And when the give-and-take between the two individuals is over, the relationship fades. Like a fruit that must fall from the bough if it to carry its life in the next avatar. There is nothing more critical than to exercise the generosity to let something end with the grace that it started with. By your dying, you love doesn't vanish..Oh no no..never! It survives. Quietly. Under the skin of things.

The memory of happiness is as heart breaking at its absence. All the things we carry inside us are precisely the things we're just bursting to tell.

- Anuradha Gandharva, The Last Song of Dusk

Why did Van Gogh paint a starry night? Because the sky is beautiful and everybody likes looking at it. And it reminds us that there is something up there watching all of us.
- Luke, Modern Family

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