Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Interesting? Me??

Ok..Hello again..Long time no see :)

This post is a narcissist one considering my penchant for self deprecation, this one might be too OTT :\ But I still want to write because it made me really feel good..

So, yesterday a new member joined our team in office. Whenever someone joins, our team has this new ritual attached. Like sometimes we don't have to introduce ourselves, the person sitting next to us has to introduce you..or sometimes it is like that you have to share one thing about you which no body knows..these types..

So, yesterday, the different part was that along with your introduction, you have to say who your favorite/interesting person in the unit (team) is..this was a bit of surprise that could lead to allegations of favoritism but it's ok..So, one by one people started saying who they found the most interesting person in the unit..clearly, R has a massive fan club in the unit..almost everybody in the team said that he is a very interesting person to talk to..

And you know what three people took my name :) I felt nice..So who were these people.

First was H :) He said P is his favorite person in the unit because he is a very interesting person to talk to and one could share anything with him :) :) :) And then he joked later "I said the truth what it is.. lekin zyada seriously mat lio isko theek hai.."  

And the second one who took my name was S..She said as a unit head she should not take names of people who are her favorite as for her all are equal but in terms on interesting people there are two people she likes and they were P and A..And then she said that P is one of those quiet people who would sit in a corner and mentally dissect about characters..on the symbolic metaphors in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and would tell her trivia like in Luck By Chance, how the refrigerator that is endorsed by Hrithik Roshan stands for being cool..and he writes blogs analyzing various characters..and someone who is very interesting to talk to..And he has started this cryptic Cinema Paradiso quiz about movies..
I felt nice and I think it's all because of J that she knows I write..I have never told her that I write, it is only J who made her read it once..thank God, she hasn't read my other non-film posts..she would then realize how interesting I really am :(

And finally, the third person who took my name was D! He said he has started talking to me recently in the last one month and he has found that although he is quiet but P has an opinion on many things. And there is this thing with him that when you are around him, you feel a bit vulnerable and you can talk to him about anything. And can share a lot of your secrets. He then said that he has told many of his secrets to me and he knows I will not tell these around. Again, I felt nice especially D saying this..Ok D, of course, I won't tell who your latest crush in office is ;P Thanks so much anyways..

Honestly, I consider myself as a very boring person with no social etiquette but I felt nice when three people in my team think I am interesting..

So, whose name did I take? I actually took two names. One of course, H, that goes without saying. Because he is one person I can say anything without thinking of the consequences and can talk to him about any topic..And the second name I took was of S. And I said she is more of a friend rather than unit head and I could discuss about life, relationships, higher ends of life, people and have interesting philosophical discussions with her..

So after that there was an office party at Urban Pind in GK. I got so drunk for the first time ever..had about five drinks and my head was spinning..don't know how people have so much capacity..but it was nice.. Since it was going to be my last official party, I could see people trying to cheer me up..A, J..my usual partners :) even R!! And H got so drunk that he was out as always..He hugged me for so long, wouldn't let me go and kept on saying, Pankaj, tu bhi ja raha hai :( Now the sinking feeling on not being able to see these special people has started..

Dialogue of the day:

उन्हें मत भूलो जो तुम्हे तब जानते थे जब तुम कुछ नहीं थे..क्यूंकि बस येही है जो तुम्हे हमेशा सच बोलेंगे - Luck By Chance

Fits perfectly..no? 

Anyways, as always, catch you later..


  1. yar yeh A, B, C bahut confusing ho jata hai...kal subah jake SN pe sare initials wale bande dhundne padenge fir pta chalega koun D tha aur koun apki unit wala A :-P

    Btw, apart from J, there is another person who is a medium of your posts to ur UH...shouldn't be hard for you to guess :D

  2. Kaun?? I seriously don't know..


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