Sunday, November 20, 2011

Of Salim Bhaiya's Shaadi and Luck By Chance

Long time no see :) Seriously, I have nothing to write in this post. Life has been a bit monotonous for the last few days. There is nobody at home also. I am alone as all have gone to cousin's wedding in Karnal. 
And I don't feel like writing the review of Rockstar..forgot some of the points I was supposed to write on. I am now waiting for The Ditry Picture and then Don 2. This is one of those very rare years in which the number of movies I have watched in a hall is very less. Not more than 10 I guess. And those I watched turned out to be big disappointments.

And today is November 20. Our ex-cab driver Salim Bhaiya's wedding today! Ek dum filmi kahani hai..4 times engaged to the same girl and now finally getting married. He is very funny. He used to tell how he met his girl friend chupke chupke. I am very happy for him :) But he is a very nice person. Bilkul tension nahi lete..I wish him a very happy married life.

And now winters coming. I don't feel like waking up in the mornings :(

Again, my cosmic connection theory came to work this week. You know the movie quiz in office I talked about before called 'Cinema Paradiso'. So on Friday morning, I asked this question that in Luck By Chance, for which item did Sona and Vikram win a slogan writing competition. And can you believe that CNN-IBN's Rajeev Masand asked a similar question in his quiz on his Friday night show Now Showing! He had asked "In 'Luck By Chance', what slogan does Farhan Akhtar come up with when he enters a contest at a supermarket, that wins him a refrigerator as a prize? I mean it is such a funny co-incidence that on the same day, a question is asked on the same movie about the same scene! It is really very funny. And the movie's name fits perfectly  to the situation -  Luck By Chance! Seriously me luck by chance ho gaya! Cosmic Connections.

Meanwhile, I read another fascinating piece regarding the refrigerator in Luck By Chance. Here is what one brilliant author says about it.
To me, the fridge was Vikram himself: resource-gobbling; too big for the space it has reasonably been allotted; deliberately tough, shiny exterior; very cool on the inside. Its whole point is to be cool. It isn't even absolutely necessary, but everybody wants one, is supposed to want one - so much so that it's endorsed by Vikram's predecessor Zaffar.

It is awesome!! How beautifully she has analysed a fridge as a metaphor for the characters. 
I absolutely love love love Luck By Chance, so I have downloaded it and will watch it again soon! Ya, I want to write like this..As I have said before, analysis of characters and hidden references. Anyways, more later, 


  1. I marvel at your ability to be able to see a deeper meaning in simple things.

    I loved the movie too....acting comes so very naturally to Farhan. He rocks!..:)


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