Monday, August 15, 2011

Of Gifts from A, J, and S :)

You know I had been working on a project for the last 4 months or so. There was just data, data, and so much data! Finally it ended last week! So S had this talk with my project lead A (the person with whom I actually worked with) and I think he gave a somewhat of a good feedback. More so of the fact, that I had worked on it for 4 months patiently!!! For the uninitiated working on a project in a KPO, where requests come even for a day or too, working on a project for 4 months is huge!! Although my first project was also  five months long, this project seems to be one of the career defining projects I have done! I know the client so well now..I know that her five year old son wants to be an astronaut and her two year old daughter wanst to be whatever her brother wants to be. She is so sweet ya.. my client..ek dum apna samjh ke baatein karti thi..sab kuch share karti thi. She used to take our calls at 6.30 in the morning! Very nice person..And she also knows me so well..earlier she used to call me Panjak but later got used to speaking my name correctly :) She told that for her, family is more important..she cannot just work entire day..she has to spend time with her kids! A is so funny.on calls he used to talk for 15-20 minutes randomly on topics, such as trekking, India, traffice situtaion in Delhi. weather..and she also replied with much interest..A told her that whenever she comes to India, he will take her trekking to the Himalayas :D

So S gave me two books :) River of Smoke by Amitav Ghosh and God's Little Soldier by Kiran Nagarkar. She also gave me two notes. Thanks so much S. You know at first I felt that I did not deserve because see, if I hadn't done it somebody else had to do it no? And I have cribbed so much about certain issues, so I felt a bit guilty, and I did not take it at first. But then S told me I should stop this defeatist attitude and she said that never did I complain to her to remove me from the project, so I should just take it. And you know what after that A, my PL, also gave a chocolate with a note written on it. I will also give something to him. Chahe jaise bhi ho, I have learnt a lot from him! 

This is what S gave me :)

And this is what A gave me..
 No..the chocolate was  not half was half eaten when pic was taken...

Maybe this happened because J gave me this lucky charm which she got from France..

Thanks all..these mean so much to me..

The last week I don't know ya some weird things happening with me. I don't know I should talk about it here or not. I guess I am just not ready for it..will tell in a few days. Till then adios!


  1. Congrats for all the gifts :)

  2. Congratulations! It does feel really good when you finish a project and that too when it is appreciated so well. The kind of rapport that you have described with your client - I must say not everyone is capable of that - and if you have achieved that it speaks volumes for your social skills..and seeing the number of friends you have - I am not surprised...:-)


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