Monday, August 8, 2011

Of Bucket Lists :{

So in my Goa post, I had written that a interesting unit meeting took place. You see every month we have a unit meeting in office where S tells us about the critical issues and events that impact us an organisation. For the last three four meetings, she has been showing us inspirational videos, such as those from
So this week we saw this video of Ric Elias, a survivor of the US Airways plane that crashed in the Hudson.

He talks about how it is so important to enjoy life and not postpone things you love doing in life.
So during the meeting, S asked us to write five things we want to do before we die. Aah.. isn't it fascinating? I am sure we all have bucket lists of our own..ain't it.. I love listening to people's things what they want to do before they die. I have so many things myself to do but when it comes to saying I forget everything. So when others say, they want to do this or that, I am like "Ohhh yess.. I also have to do this."

So everyone in the unit had different things to say. So D says that he wants to watch Wimbledon final some day..Aahh I was like me tooooo.. How could I forget this one? So another D said that she wants to take he parents on a vacation! R says she wants to get really really drunk some day. And R said that we wants to debate internationally and publish his poetry collection. S said that he wants to be a consultant some day! Isn't is simply fascinating what each one of us wants to do before we die..I can listen to such thoughts the entire day! It brings out the real person in you of what you really want from life.

So, here are the five things that H said he wants to do!
  1. He wants to go on a Euro trip
  2. He wants to watch a Chelsea match live!
  3. He wants to go in outer space
  4. He wants to own a KPO (seriously??)
  5. He wants to open a dog shelter
Interesting there was nothing related to getting drunk..Hmmm...

Curiously, no one asked S what she wants to do during the meeting. So after the unit meeting, I asked her what she wants. Here is what she said
  1. She wants to visit Rome
  2. She wants to learn Braille (me too!)
  3. She wants to meet Shah Rukh Khan!
  4. She wants to be a kids' teacher
  5. She wants to get married
So, I have not yet told what I want to do. This is what I had said

  1. I want to visit Europe (it is my dream to go on the top of Eiffel Tower one day and have a nice kiss)
  2. I want to study human psychology
  3. I want to write a book some day
  4. I want to be a political and social journalist and film critic
  5. I want to fall in true love :-(
The last point was the source of numerous guffaws in the meeting with everyone in the meeting saying awwww :( Interestingly, H had mockingly said before I spoke my list that I will say that I want to watch all movies of the world. However, there is nothing related to film making. I am more fascinated by the process of film making rather than the film itself, perhaps that is why I love collecting anecdotes about films, finding references in the films, learning about characters..but I wish I could make a film like a Dil Chahta Hai or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.. but I know I can't :{ But H and I are going on a Eurotrip soon :P I have so many other things like visiting the Pyramids (my desktop wallpaper), visiting Khajuraho, meet Salman Rushdie..the list goes on and on..

While S said it was a cute thing that I said about love, H made so much fun of me after the meeting :{ "So,  P wants to fall in loooovvvve" with his weird eyebrow raising expressions :{ But then he also said it is a very sweet thing to say and in front of the entire unit, that requires so much courage and he was glad that I said it because every one wants to but no one says this. And you know what, I actually wanted to say that I want to fall in true love and be loved in return :( Will I be able to ever? I don't know.. So what do you want to do before you die? Any thoughts?


  1. 5 things -
    1. Wanna get married to the person of my choice
    2. Own a house (preferably flat coz easier to maintain) and decorate it according to my own sweet will
    3. Do MBA (:-P) and find another course to study
    4. Learn some dance form (preferably Tango or Kathak) and re-initiate music classes
    5. Go for annual tour to foreign countries...duration of tour should last between 20-25 days for each country :-P

  2. I had blogged about this in an older blog of mine which is now redundant. :-))

    Your Wish No. 5 - so cute..:-)) but True Love? Have lost faith in all things even remotely related so I wont comment on that. To each his own and i do hope you find your love..:-)

    Everyone deserves to be happy and I wish you well...:-))

  3. Yes Panks, true love happens and it will happen soon and when u expect the least ...thats how life is :) so keep the faith!!!

  4. you have this simple yet elegant way of expressing yourself...i really like that...yes the lists are there and someday, will get down to ticking them off...someday....soon, maybe...

  5. I came across your blog and found so many things in common.
    Falling in love? It is a very blessed experience. You might experience true love once in your life. If you are lucky sometimes two times. But once you have experienced it, you have nothing else left to experience in life.

  6. Hmmmm.. fall in true loveeeee... oooohh frenchieee... well written dude. S's things are so obvious. I wish you fall in this true love soon...


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