Saturday, July 9, 2011

Of God, Rain, Lesson from Wipers, and End of Day

Long time no see.. The past week in office has probably been the toughest till now ever since I have started working. There was literally humongous work and some real long hours averaging 12.5 hours for the last 7 days :{ On Friday, I had gone to office well prepared that I am going to spend my entire night in office. I had also taken food and snacks (with large packet of cheese balls and biscuits) for the night :) Sympathy eating makes me feel slightly better. After reaching at 11.30  the previous night (i.e. on Thursday), I had thought I will go  office myself on Friday, a bit early to finish off the never ending work. But I don't know God works in strange ways. When I woke up in the morning, I got this feeling 'Let me go by cab only'. So I decided to go by cab. And in the morning just before I was about to leave, I saw a dead rat beneath the table :( Bad omen 1.. and while going to office, there was this dead dog on the road..RIP.. Bad omen 2.. I couldn't help but get this eerie feeling that it is not going to be a good day! And then it started raining heavily while on the way. And I just thanked God..what if I had got stuck if I had gone myself..Only the cab maneuvering skills of Salim Bhaiya made it possible to reach office on time otherwise I was gone. 

So while going to office, since it started raining, how can I not click pictures..

This one is on the Modi Mill flyover..

The one below is just outside D's house..

The one below is at Mahamaya..

And no, the following one is not the Yamuna, it is Mahamaya flyover again !!

Also, made this video. I have been watching it since yesterday. It's nothing great but it's calming. I like the wiping motion of the wipers. If one looks carefully, one can find such wonderful instances anywhere. Now, see the video below..there is a lesson that wipers teach us..No matter how hard the rain is falling on them, they keep on doing their job. And all its work is being continuously negated by the soon as it wipes off the drops, another set of rain drops has already fallen on it! But still it keeps on wiping the drops. It happens in life as well.. There will be obstructions coming in your way that will make your path blurred but you have to        stay positive and focused. And isn't this somewhat similar to what Krishna said in Geeta "karam kar, phal ki chinta mat kar."

And this is what has been actually happening to me the last week. I make a PPT everyday and the next day, our client says to change some figure and then I have to again change everything because the kind of project I am doing, one figure changes the entire output!! And it is so frustrating to change everything again almost negating the previous day work..but it is the work that I have to do no? 

And while going to office, when it had started raining, I was thanking God for not making me stuck in jam, within 2 minutes of that, the song that blares out in the radio - तू ना जाने आस पास है खुदा from Anjaana Anjaani!! 

So the entire day I was just so worried about work as to how am I going to finish it. Both A and Ar continuously asked me about the progress and told me to stay positive.  And H came to my seat at least 4-5 times (inspite of me sitting just opposite him) saying that my face showed how worried I was! (He said "vaise all day you do quack quack like a duck but today you are quiet") Thanks ya so much! I seriously wonder how would I survive in office if these people are not there.

And so how it turns out finally.. we send a WIP file at 7 PM and then have a call at 7.30 PM to tell her that we will send the complete files by the end of day her time in the US. But as I said God works in strange ways. She said that you people have been working so hard, so no need to send the file tonight. Take a break on weekend and we will discuss it on Monday!! And she especially told me "Pankaj, I am a firm believer in taking weekend breaks. I know you have been working on it very hard. Thanks so much for it and please do take a break." I mean I never expected this! My PL and I were super happy and he told me to leave immediately :) And off I ran to tell A who was still in office :) I was so happy. And then I called H and disrupted him in his girl-friend-meeting-time :P

A day to remember..but still there is a lot of work left. I just pray that it all goes well

And following are the pics of the deserted office on one of the last few days in office. Usually there are 5-6 people working but seriously on Thursday there was no one I mean no one!! in office at 11 PM. Even my PL wasn't there. It was a bit scary when the server makes a snoring like noise :{ But it's ok.. Life goes on..Everything is a learning experience. Till then adios.. Hasta Leugo :)



  1. God definitely works in very strange ways:)
    Seriously, you looked so stressed on Friday morning! But by 8 PM the same day, your expressions were totally opposite. Hearing words of encouragement and appreciation directly from the client, awesome dude!!! Congratulations :):)

  2. Nice post about wipers and yes you should never disturb anyone in their gf/bf meeting time...double galian padti hai :-P

  3. This is one of your best blogs till date. This reflects actual life and the everchanging aspect of it that we humnas are so myopic and negative about. I just loved the wiper wala incident... u could have taken it as negative but for the first time u took the positive aspect of it. Me feeling better reading it, especially after I was feeling low and discouraged. It was good to see a change in your approach ...cheers !!!

  4. nice post. this post has to do with one's activities in day to day real life not reel life ;) Anyways doesnt matter. I believe most part in the movies r inspired from real life events. coming back to work - I too m at the receiving end. Dont know if it has to do something with JULY :)

  5. nice your interpretations of mundane things, which are slightly different from the madding crowd and i love it


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