Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Of Forgotten Heroes - Sandra Samuel

I was thinking to write about how depressed I have been for the last week or so. And then I come across this article in the Open Magazine and I wonder how shallow my world is. I have nothing but sheer respect for Sandra Samuel -  the heroic nanny who saved Baby Moshe during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. What she has done requires a great deal of mental strength without thinking anything about your own self. It is deeply moving and so disturbing that brings a lump to your throat. And she is so humble and modest about the whole thing. She says

"I have done exactly what anyone would have done,” she insists. “I am a very religious person, but when the time comes, faith has nothing to do with it. You just do what you have to do.” I tell her I think the terror would paralyse most. “The terror only grabs hold and keeps you from moving when you are thinking of yourself,” she says, “But I was terrified for Baby, not for myself, so when I heard him calling, my only thought was to get to him as fast as I could. Anyone would have done that. Most of us are braver than we think,” she adds, “We can all be heroes. It is important to know that. And, also, that miracles are happening all around us every day."

"I should have gone in again,” she insists, ignoring our insistence that she had done the exact right thing, a miraculous thing. “I should have tried to help Rabbi and Rivki. I should have checked to see how they are. What kind of person am I to have just run out?” We try to comfort Sandra with tea, with small hugs and shoulder caresses, but she will not have any of it. She does not want our comfort. She feels she does not deserve it.

I have been thinking a lot lately about this..what would I have done if I was in her place.. Would I have been brave enough to stop thinking of myself and ran to get Moshe? Would I have overcome the fear of the hidden terrorist? Would I have the guts to go back? I think not probably because am selfish, scared and a  coward..Would you have run inside? As someone truly said, the real test of ethics is when it's your ass on the line..

And when I see these pictures (and there are a lot others), I wipe many a tear from my eyes. Why do events like this happen? Why can't people live in peace..What was the fault of Moshe's parents? Doesn't it make your blood boil that some bastards in Pakistan meticulously planned this horrific act for months just to get some political leverage? What if someone killed their family like this? And add to the fact that we are probably never going to get those men because they are enjoying their life in safe havens and planning more conspiracies like this..it's sad, pathetic, depressing, hopeless...


  1. A very enlightening and inspiring article and very aptly titled too. I am sure that by now majority of the people have forgotten the heroic act of this simple yet courageous lady. Thanks for reminding us about Sandra Samuel :)

    Btw. why have you been depressed for the past week?

  2. Mr.fab, didi ke upar blog kab likhega..nalayak...
    poore din se wait kar rha hu...


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