Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Of Long Time No See Posts and Thanks to Followers...

I had taken 2 day off from office. My 4 day sabbatical is coming to an end. I don't know I am not feeling depressed but I am feeling very angry. No not at office or thought of going to work but very very angry at some faceless person. Who that person is I don't know :(

Anyways, the purpose of this post is haal chaal..since 4-5 posts and I haven't told about what is happening..
The last week was quite hectic-work wise. I worked on 26th January also because of work. I am a bit slow in work and add the fact that already we get limited time for certain projects, mere se to ho hi nahi pata..
So, there was something at home, so applied for leave.

Things aren't very well at home. They are just fine. Papa is very tense because of some issues. 
I had planned so many things that I will do this, I will do that but somehow it didn't plan out, so 4 day weekend was not much of a success, except I managed to watch 3 films - We Are Family, Phas Gaye Re Obama and 127 Hours. I was at home only. Bas aur kuch ho nahi paya because there are some guests at my place, so my mom had to go with them, so no one at home, so I had to stay and phir paani ki  motor chalana, shaam ko doodh lana, vagareh vagareh sab karna hota hai..

Anyway, the post I had written on Dhobi Ghat..a lot of people are coming on the blog, while searching for the words - my muse, my whore, my beloved..I felt nice at least some people liked that line otherwise as Shobhaa De writes on her blog that it is one of the most ridiculous lines about Mumbai she ever heard, although she liked the film.. But I like that line.. I have an opinion, and you may disagree with it :)

Meanwhile, I had to buy a gift for Aastha for her birthday. I bought Dork by Sidin Vadukut and A Case of Explosing Mangoes by Mohammad Hanif.. I wanted to buy Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro - The Book or The Diary of A Social Butterfly by Moni Mohsin but both were out of stock..But these two I hope she hasn't read them! and a funny thing happenned, when I asked for this butterfly book, that Texsons Bhaiya said vo to aap ne pad li hai.. I felt nice..although I haven't read it but was happy that he knows a little about my choice..He always tells me whenever there is a new Salman Rushdie book out! And he knows my frequency of reading..so it feels nice.. I just love book shops..although my reading had drastically reduced in the last year, I feel at home in such shops.. I wanted to open a library when I was in Class 9..can still do that but...

Also, I myself have started Cuckold!! finally had got it last birthday.. and I am totally loving it..the story of a King whose wife loves Krishna, so what does he do when he has God for competition..some magical lines are there..such as
Perhaps thinking about someone was the same as loving...
To see in flesh, that's the only way you can fall in love. Not by seeing a carving or a statue or a painting..

I will write more later..

One more follower today. I felt nice. Mannat..I don't know who she is but feels nice when there are people who look forward to your blog!! 6 followers (out of which 3 are not active, so left are 3)..and there are 3 more people who read anonymously..I know them..and few are just once in a long long time types..so a big big thanks to all of you who read and bear this mediocre blog..

There are so many things that I have to write on..currently at least 5 posts are pending of which I have thought of.. Will write more later.. Cya!!


  1. Started following your blog coz I have something in common with it... "Friends"!!

    About knowing me.. you'll get to know me eventually!

    Keep writing...


  2. since u've point it out, so i feel to get active..but dont have such a happening life. so wat to write?? :P

  3. Hope she likes your books. Especially Dork!


  4. I guess you should keep writing just because you enjoy doing so (irrespective of the number of your active and inactive followers)


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