Sunday, February 6, 2011

Of Change From Abhay Deol to Akshay Kumar..

In the last year, I have turned from Abhay Deol to Akshay Kumar!! From my favourite actor to the actor I hate most!! Sigh!! I remember doing that weight scale in April last year while going to Saataal at New Delhi Railway Station and I did one yesterday at Regal Theatre in CP (I still have both the cards as in the photo below). Yeh kya ho raha hai?? Weight increased by 2 kilos, I have seen my waist increase by an inch, my pants getting tight, my eyesight has has weakened, just got a new spectacles (-3.25 and -2.25) I get breathless after I take stairs to reach office at 5 floor, my hair has turned even more grey (already had grey hair, now according to mummy, it is even more grey who scolds me even more for not putting oil, I use oil everyday but mummy wants to put so much more!!) I have started to forget birthdays (I never forgot them come what may!).. I don't remember mobile numbers now.. Sigh..the side effects of sitting all day with no physical exercise..toh yahi hoga na!! Buddhe ho rahe hai sab.. imagine 23 years ka buddha!! Auro (of Paa) ki bimaari hamein lag rahi hai..Will do something about it.. but of all people Akshay Kumar???? Even Emraan Hashmi is better than Akshay!! Khair chhodo..

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  1. I have grown old faster than you:(
    Withing 6 months of joining office, I have experienced viral and conjunctivitis.


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