Sunday, January 30, 2011

Of We are Family..

माया: रिश्तों को हमेशा बाँध कर नहीं रख सकते, कभी साथ देते हैं तो कभी नहीं..बस उन्हें निभाने का सिर्फ एक ही तरीका होता है.. प्यार॥
माया: मेरे पास उनका गुज़रा हुआ कल है और तुम्हरे पास उनके आने वाला कल है॥
Totally loved the movie We Are Family..
My love for Kareena grows every time after watching her super acting..awesome she is!! and Kajol is as usual terrific..(these dumb Katrina and others should take acting lessons from her who in the name of God are getting Best Actress and Entertainer awards for her pathetic acting in Rajneeti and for this item song??) .. totally justified the jealousy and fear in Maya's character when she thinks her kids will forget her..But I would have liked if Maya also gave something to Shreya as her necklace..she deserves so much more, she is becoming a mom to her kids and in a way foregoing her own right to be a real mother.. me likes the movie and also cried a bit as well :)

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