Sunday, January 9, 2011

Of Old Recyled Resolutions...

I know it's a tad late for making resolutions, but things have begun on a very gloomy and depressing note. My uncle expired 4 days back, although we weren't that close but still family is family, you feel sad when some one of your extended family parts away. I can only pray for his soul. And the fact that have been so loaded with work, was working on New Year's eve :(, things have been pretty dull in the new year.

But I have been thinking a lot about resolutions and it's never too late for resolutions, all that is required is will power and the strength to follow them. I had written one of other resolution posts in 2009 and these are almost carbon copies of each other.

1. Read, read, read and more read.. the number of books that I read last year have shocked me!! Reading is perhaps the only thing that I have inculcated and to lose such a thing would be a shame. More of Salman Rushdie, more of classics, more of philosophy, more of history..but no non fiction!!

2. Watch more movies and learn from them

3. Try to be a little more positive in life (considering the melancholy themed posts on my blog), perhaps most difficult to follow in view of my glass-half-empty outlook towards life

4. Continue with self learning of piano lessons and play at least 2 full hindi songs (have started with ajeeb dastaan hai yeh)

5. Write more and not necessarily my-life-sucks posts but more of interesting anecdotes, events, incidents to remember by..

6. As Monica had the resolution to click more photographs, I have the same (though Ross's seems more interesting to do one new thing everyday).. Photography is a brilliant way of capturing is perhaps the only way to go back in time and relive the memories that make us misty eyed.. So more photographs of people, places, poses, naturals, random, things, anything and everything..

7. Think something about the future..about the big picture..give some sense of direction to life..this should have been No.1 actually..

8. Be happy.. and enjoy the small tiny moments of happiness..

एक छोटी सी ख़ुशी की कीमत तुम क्या जानो रमेश बाबु! ईश्वर का आशीर्वाद होती है एक छोटी सी ख़ुशी॥

okok.. as Saroj Khan says in Nachleve ...नाचते रहिये, खुश रहिये, अल्लाह हाफ़िज़..

ok tata bye!!


  1. Good luck for keeping those resolutions...

    although you made a wise decision of sticking with "clicking one photo everyday" and not wearing leather pants... boy! that could turn into a disaster in Delhi's boiling heat!!

    Nice blog BTW!

  2. Hahaha!! ya leather pants would have been a disaster in so many other ways :P Thanks..if only I can keep up with resolutions :)


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